Thoughts on Tiktok?

I know that a lot of people think Tiktok is “cringey” but I really like Tiktok for the Cosplay Tiktoks and the comedy Tiktoks. There are plenty of great Tiktoks out there. I don’t have Tiktok though but I do want one in the future. One last thing yes I know it can be very addicting and I do want them to make it less so.

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waste of time


That’s fine. You don’t have to like it.

I don’t have it because I don’t like it

wait how do you view tiktoks if you dont have it


Tiktok compilations on Youtube.

you do realize tiktok has a web client right

(im assuming you have a computer but no smartphone)

I do have a phone but I watch youtube compilations.

yes I know.

When I first heard of Tik Tok I was on holiday with my cousins a couple years back. My first thought when I saw them doing their dances and cheap lip synching was who the heck is watching them do this? If I was a parent I would be uncomfortable letting my kids film themselves twirking and the like for some randoms on the internet to watch.

As you’ve said there are some funny videos and actually creative ideas out there but for the most part I think it’s kinda the next step down in social media which is already a watered down version of actual real interaction, an example is that I had some friends over who I hadn’t seen in about a year and after talking for a bit they just started looking at memes and Tik Toks and to me that really ruined things-it was as if they couldn’t engage in a normal conversation anymore without involving their phone.
Sorry if that’s off topic but what I’m trying to say is to me Tik Tok is yet another distraction from meaningful human interactions. But that’s just me, maybe it just needs tweaking to be less of a time waster I’m not sure.


I see it as YouTube but without the quality content.


I, too have only see tiktoks on YouTube. Most of the ones I’ve seen are pretty funny or creative, but I’ve also seen a few of the not-so-great ones. On the internet, Tiktok seems to get a bad rap, but I just haven’t delved deep enough into it to see the balance between good and bad content.

I’d say that, like most things, it probably isn’t just black and white.


and gray matter as far as that’s concerned.

Every time I get clickbaited into watching a Tiktok compilation on Youtube I’m like “ohhhh shoot that was 10 minutes I’m never getting back”.


I prefer ThikThok.


You zoomers and your tiktok. Back in my day we had vine. Ohh the neurons we wasted.


why is this an actual topic

like, why is let’s discuss a controversial social media app with a significantly notorious reputation and begin the topic with a defense of it so as to garner more scathing comments a topic

it just doesn’t make sense to me


I’m sure just like most social media it has it’s good side but generally I hate teenagers and most of this generation too much to try it. If you want to try and kill yourself for internet points go ahead; if you’re that stupid no use delaying the inevitable.

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me when I see a teenager (especially one using tiktok dot com)


It’s kinda sad when you think about it; a lot of us that hate social media and most of it’s users are near the same age as the idiots on social media. I’m only 26 and I generally despise the vocal majority of this generations young adults.

I, personally don’t like tik tok, there are a few funny things, a few cool videos and stuff, and as a type of media, it has possibilities due to the short video format. Unfortunately, I think that all the other stuff present ruins this possibility. Now it’s almost only a prank/wierd dance/weird in general site with a few good, interesting things in it.

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Ah yes, my favorite content: Miming to someone miming to someone’s reacton of someone miming to a “popular” song.