Three Virtues Countdown!

Alright, so I had kind of a cool idea that since Lego is expected to announce Bionicle’s return in four days, we can take each of the three remaining days, starting tomorrow, and countdown. Each day will be themed after one of the three virtues, the first day will be Unity, the next Duty, and the last Destiny. So let’s have a grand time being hyped! And let’s hope they really do reveal Bionicle’s return in four days otherwise I’ll have to edit this and reuse it for comic-con in October.

UPDATE: It’s 9-16-14, and the first day of the countdown, Unity Day;

and we celebrate with lots of United joy and remembering what we’re here together for. Credit goes to @Yoni_Green for the poster image, enjoy the celebration!

UPDATE 2: It’s now 9-17-14 and the second day of the countdown, Duty Day;

and today we focus on our duty, the things that go into keeping such an exemplary community alive and well and what other duties life holds for us. There are different activities and fun little games and discussions planned for the rest of the day, so don’t miss out, go take a look at the different topics focused on today, Duty Day. Credit goes once again to the helpful @Obviously_Yoni for providing the impressive poster for today.

UPDATE 3: Today is Destiny Day, 9-18-14,

and while we have endured a lengthy forum downtime our celebration cannot be hindered by mere material defections, as our spirits rise united, having done our duty, here now for our destiny, to see Bionicle brought back. Tomorrow is the big announcement, and we all wait with great anticipation. Credit again to @Obviously_Yoni for a great poster image, this time voted as the winner in a competition to make the most fitting Destiny Day poster image.


That’s a cool idea actually.


Thanks, @RangerSilver6 I just came up with it by accident while discussing in a topic about the announcement. Let’s do this! 12:00 am tomorrow the Unity-themed celebration begins.

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Why don’t you post this in the TTV pitching grounds?



@Kretta That’s a great idea, forgot about that, thanks I’ll do that.


Everybody make Unity themed pictures at #TTVUnity

Then for the other two days, #TTVDuty and #TTVDestiny

Here and any social media you have!



Do do dooo do, dododododoooo

Sorry I couldn’t help myself



No problemo :slight_smile:

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By tomorrow, everyone should take a look at my “Some Cool People” topic

and then make a Matoran/give me the specs, and then the #TTVUnity Image that we all share and post everywhere can be the large group shot of all us TTV Message Board goers.


That sounds like a cool idea.

The Three Virtues really are something to live by. Cacola told me something the other day about them, a speech/monologue I guess. I’d like to share it. Note that it’s not word for word, but still. ahem…
“Unity, Duty, Destiny, The Three Virtues…They are more than just the creed of the Bionicle. It’s something to live by in real life. Think about it, the community for example. We as a community, despite our many squabbles that lead some to believe we really are something of a cult, are still alive and well, no matter how you put it. We live by the three virtues. Unity, that’s us, the community of fans that’s stayed together for so long now. Duty, our job, to keep the Bionicle alive, keep each other together, preserve our unity. And destiny, our destiny, the same, to stay together and keep the spirit of Bionicle around for the future generations even when it, and maybe we, are gone. Our destiny has brought us to this, you see? Our destiny, was to continue the good deed provided by Lego for years, and now our destiny is for us to see to Bionicle’s return. Yes, we may have the elements of a constructable toy-line fan cult, but Bionicle is us, and we really do live by the three virtues. Don’t you see? We are the Bionicle!” -Cacola, 2014

After hearing this and sweating out of my eyes a little, I applauded him. I would say that I agree, as odd as his words seem. I then proceeded to mock him for stealing that last bit from The Walking Dead. :stuck_out_tongue:
That is all I have for now.


Not only do we live by the Three Virtues in terms of LEGO, but also just in our normal lives right? I mean, without unity, we could never accomplish anything, we’d be alone, and we couldn’t do our duty, whatever that may be for the individual. If we don’t or can’t do our duty, then our destiny won’t be our own. I dunno, I just felt of branching off of @Oonie’s post.


@BioRaiders532 I totally agree. Lego was smart in using three very simple and basic but still significant concepts that apply to both the world of Bionicle and our world as the center purpose and goal for all that the protagonists do. Even though we all do different things for different reasons, different personal motives and goals, these still apply to how to live a good life, and I think that’s part of why our little community here manages to get along so well despite differing opinions. Although we were raised without even knowing each other and likely in very diverse familial and economic situations, we all fell in love at a young age with a story that taught us some very simple and foundational concepts for right and wrong. And no matter how old we are, living in Unity and being able to get along with one another is important, which leaves us with our first virtue for our first day of celebration, as here it is 1:02 in the morning. Here we go everybody, down the road of the last few days together in Unity.


I always live by the three virtues. Without enacting me myself and I throughout my daily life, I couldn’t make others wish they were me.

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The first of the TTV Countdown Days is here! click the hyperlink to behold the image for Unity Day


Alright, so I had an idea for tomorrow.

I’m going to be doing a community service project tomorrow, and I thought that really ties into duty. So, maybe we could take pictures of us doing our “duty,” be it our jobs or helping others.

I think that it would be really cool, but it’s a sort of on-the-fly so it might not be realistic. If you guys like it, I will make a page where we can put our pictures up. =D

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@Nyran Cool image, nice job. Could’ve easily been posted here though rather than making another topic about the same subject.

@BioRaiders532 sounds good to me.

Anyways, on topic, today is Unity so, what year do you all think best promoted unity?

For Duty Day, we could make a lost of improvements we could make to Bionicle, as a duty to our community.


I am sorry, I just figured it’d be good to have a separate topic for each individual day. The image was simply a feature of the UD

I think 2005, while the story was meh, I feel like they really tried t push Unity, what with Vakama going nuts.