Tiroans, Matoran of Tiro [Characters][Art][Worldbuilding][Pitch]

The following is NOT canonized by the TTV. Anything listed serves as potential material for the TTV, if they ever want to use any of it. Anything they reject outright (assuming any of them read this) will be labeled Non-Canon.

Additionally, the following characters are from @Gresh113’s Matoran Ideas thread, with all images by @Noupix. This thread is to help organize the Matoran into their regions, as well as track who would interact with whom.


Garan: Tiroan Temple Guard captain.

Gar: Tiroan Temple Guard; son of Garan.

Runa (@Noupix original): Tiroan Temple Guard; mother of Nuparu; friend of Garan.

Nuparu: exiled Tiroan engineer/inventor/tinker; daughter of Runa.

Mavrah: mad scientist.

Reysa: Rahi tamer; wife of Korgot and mother of Kaj (@DarkMaestro’s Bereavment)

Kaj: archivist; daughter of Korgot and Reysa (@DarkMaestro’s Bereavment)

Taipu: farmhand for Korgot, Reysa, and Kaj; gullible and noble.

Stringer (Hero Factory): traveling musician.


You forgot Bokarda. He is from tiro afterall

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Lol I can’t put Self-MOCs for these… but I can dream :cry:

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Non of this is canon yet so I don’t see a reason not to. It’s almost the same as original characters like Levi and Runa😃

P.s. i think that it is time to retire the old nuparu design.

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Nuparu: the very first one?

MOCs: I think regular MOCs are fine for this list, since they aren’t self-inserts. Self-MOCs seem too intrusive for this list, which is why I’ll wait until a higher-up gives a signal.

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  1. Yes

  2. No prob. It’s up to you to decide stuff like this😃

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