Toa Astros master of stars

okay I do believe it's story time long ago before the arrival of the bionicle 2015 masters there was another whom dawned the name master his name was Astros master of stars unable to wield a golden mask he lacked the powers of a true master but he had enough strength to engulf a world in flames but he had a rather peaceful nature living among the people as their protector and their friend
mask: mask of stars
weapons: galixy trident
extras: jetpack with stableizing boots

say even one thing about breez' mask AND $#{? will get real tu comprende


What's with the Breez helmet?

Pretty nice for what it is. Simple, neat, nothing too crazy special about it.


dat wendy's cup tho open_mouth

But yeah, I feel like the keetorange pieces are a bit color scheme breaking, but other than that it's not too bad.


didn't I say something about the helmet


@RaptorTalon19 not you too RT19

But I have been wanting ice cream.

"face palm"

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But Wendys has good ice cream!

"face palm x2"

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But they do! I love Frostys!

"chuck norris style face palm"

Okay....I want ice cream....cuz I am hungry...and Nyran is angry...and you are tasty..

Lets get back on topic.

I agree with @Rockho, this is good for what it is.

What's with Breez's helmet? /jk

Sorry but

I have an opinion

and that is that the mask doesn't work

and to be honest the MOC itself is a tad bland. I feel like I've seen it several times before in the form of just other plain CCBS builds.


Hmm. The lower arms are a bit bare. Maybe put the shortest limb that has a ball joint and put some armor on. Also, I think it would look better if you put some add-on's on the legs, because they look a bit bland. Overall not bad.

This, is unsatisfactory... I can understand that some people have small parts resources, and some people like to have their MOC's simple (I would know, my self-MOC is just a mata-build), but when someone posts numerous MOC topics over a day or two, and they all are subpar, I have to tell them this: use your time and parts on a few good MOC's instead of a bunch of lame ones.You don't see the best of MOCers cranking out new MOC's every day or two; they spend a few days, if not weeks working and perfecting them. The three main components of a good MOC are a coherent color scheme, an original build, and a polished finish, and frankly, this has none of those. For your next MOC, I suggest spending a few hours on building something more complex, use only a few colors and that they are spread thoroughly, and then take a few hours time before tweaking it once or twice.

Also, your temper and roughness have been grating on me, but that is irrelevant to the MOC, and doesn't need to be discussed here.


cough Ek MOC took five months cough

But yeah, all of this.

Good work Ranaki.


I dont agree

@ghosty is an preety nice mocer, and posts mocs every 2 day, since those are very nice to look at :3


This is just an assumption, but I'm pretty sure Ghosty didn't build them over just two days. Also, he broke some MOCs down for parts on new ones, whereas Issac here has used minimal parts on each and kept them all up, going the quantity-over-quality route.

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Well, i wan not referencing how many and what parts he used, I was talking about the time needed stuck_out_tongue

Thought I'd address it while we were talking about time and effort.

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