Toa Asuma

My new secondary self moc, Toa Asuma.
YT slideshow link:


That HF 2.0 shield piece on the back looks a little weird, but he is awesome apart from that.

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I personally thought the 2.0 chestplate on the back looked more awkward :stuck_out_tongue:. Anyway, thanks!

This guy looks amazing, great job. :smile:

Oh, look who it is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice MOC, you already know my opinions.

cool sword i mean wow a really cool sword :sunglasses: :astonished: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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Looking awesome as always.

I am a fan of that impractically sized sword. It may be absurdly big, but it looks really cool! Nice work!

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Totally not a buster sword. XP
That’s what I’m afraid of actually, there’s little chance that I’ll replicate this skill onto another moc. Thanks though!


I love that sword!

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Cloud much? :smile:

Love this MOC! The colors and build are great, and the overall look is pretty stellar!

Great job!

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Hm, quite interesting

he’s neat and has some alright part usage

The back seems a bit bland, but I love how everything’s so custom and original.

Does the loin cloth armor move upwards or is it in a fixed position?

They have a lot of motion to them.
Yep, didn’t bother working on it, this guy’s been a wip for 3 months.
Thanks! And ye, that be a buster sword.

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If the sword were bigger, it would look like Cloud Strife’s.

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It’s fairly big as it is, and yes that was the basis for the sword.

pretty sweet MOC man! How well does it pose in the legs?

They bend to 90°, nothing really inhibits artuculation other than gravity. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a really nice MOC! The color scheme is really nice, and the custom built features are executed really well. Great work.