Toa Bomonga Hagah or Terry's Earth Bodyguard (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3)

Here is the main topic with all four:

This will just be like a preview I guess. I initially thought they were supposed to be separate but fortunately I was corrected.

Since his mask power makes him really tall, I figured he would need stronger legs for balance and I figured a scope on his mask would let him observe his surroundings easier when tall. I changed the mask because I thought the shape worked better with his armor. He was taller but it made him a tiny bit taller than Iruini so I changed it.

This is the original MOC version:


no! you must heed our warnings or be destroyed!

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dude my guy i seen two of your entries in seperate topics. I am assuming you made 4 topics? bro run before eljay hurts you pls save urself


Don’t worry I already took care of that, these are just left overs. I appreciate your concern though.

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POGGERS good luck

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I really like this entry!

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