Toa Hagah aka Terry's Bodyguard (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3)

For the Toa Hagah I tried to make designs that would reflect what LEGO may have actually made as sets at the time, I even tried to limit myself to pre-2006 pieces (with a few exceptions). This way I would ensure that they would fit in with the two existing Toa Hagah sets. However, as they are recruits from various Toa teams, I tried to also work in details to make them at least a little unique from each other and reflect their powers or characters.

I initially created MOCs for the characters but that was before the official rules dropped, so I remade the characters in for these final designs which I think was a good idea (however I have included the originals at the end). Please forgive my two mistakes: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Spinners in Also I thought the feet being metallic was optional, but I have included some renders where they all are, so please take the other’s with a grain of salt. My intentions were good, I just misunderstood and didn’t have time to reexport them all.

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (Yes)
I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (Yes)
I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (Yes)

I figured that Kualus was slightly odd compared to the others, since he basically taught Nuju to talk to birds (if I remember correctly) so I decided to be a little more unique with his design. Besides the obvious I thought the spikes on his ankles might help in ice climates and maybe his arms were fully mechanical or armored differently.

She has one of the more traditional designs, since I ditched the shin guards, however, I have changed several details to make her different from Iruini.

This is probably the most solid design and I changed the least between the MOC and model. I haven’t seen Whenua’s drills used for armor very often but I think it’s pretty cool. I actually like the Kanohi Volitak better than Hydraxon’s mask/face/helmet thing, but I didn’t have it in I do like the halberd better in the model than the MOC since it is BIONICLE parts.

Since his mask power makes him really tall, I figured he would need stronger legs for balance and I figured a scope on his mask would let him observe his surroundings easier when tall. I changed the mask because I thought the shape worked better with his armor. He was taller but it made him a tiny bit taller than Iruini so I changed it.

Individual Portraits:

Group Line Ups and scale

Break down

The original MOC versions:


Thank you to everyone who helped guide me at the last second so I could get this submitted correctly.

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The file:

I apologize, I could not figure out how to upload it directly.

noice mocs. they look good.

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Glad to see someone besides Kualus gets the scope!

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Thanks! I had the physical ones on display for a little while but then I decided I wanted the gold armor to be back on Lhikan, Takanuva and Iruini.