Toa Pouks Hagah or Terry's Stone Bodyguard (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3)

Here is the main topic with all four:

This will just be like a preview I guess. I initially thought they were supposed to be separate but fortunately I was corrected.

This is probably the most solid design and I changed the least between the MOC and model. I haven’t seen Whenua’s drills used for armor very often but I think it’s pretty cool. I actually like the Kanohi Volitak better than Hydraxon’s mask/face/helmet thing, but I didn’t have it in I do like the halberd spear better in the model than the MOC since it is BIONICLE parts.

This is the original MOC version.


i think they all need to be on one page


You also need to change the feet color to a metallic one, it’s part of the rules