Toa Gaaki (BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard)

Interesting build

Would be nice if you linked and mentioned all materials used to make this render, not only mask model

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Whether this MOC is approved or not, Onepu looks like a Ba-Matoran even though he is an Onu-Matoran.
I personally think that the color of each element serves as a reference only, and in some cases it deviates from them.

(I know Mahri-Hahli’s strange transformation, but still she is a Toa of water, not a Plantlife’s)

I think it explains why Hagah’s metallic armor looks more “strange” than the other examples, especially since it is clearly stated to be acquired.


This hasn’t been DQ’d yet?
Good lord.
I surely hope it won’t be, since this is a ■■■■ nice MOC. Really love the shaping, both front and back, some really interesting choices made with the armor. Genuinely wouldn’t mind if this becomes canon.


Thank you for entering. A few things:

1: The thigh armor will need more gold, as currently it is primarily not a metallic color, and must be to be in parity with the other two, per the rules.

2: It is clear that your design choice for the back of this entry is heavily controversial. We are opting to ask you to remove the controversial portion, otherwise it will be disqualified per rule 11. Do note, it will not be disqualified for being entered in bad faith, but it would be disqualified as we have reason to believe it will be disruptive during the voting process.

Please make these corrections within the next three (3) days.

Thank you.


I knew that would come up


guys a talented builder agrees with me therefore I’m right


I’m glad you called me as talented builder!(and i think @Garvox too!):wink: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
But this is just my opinion, and ofcourse I can’t guarantee this is canon theory! :rofl:


Why MOC having butt is so bad and controversial?


Read the topic.


Some people just don’t like it and are extremely vocal about it. Apparently mocs are not allowed to have anything even slightly curvy


listen if norik and iruni sets had dummy thicc nuva cheeks, then sure lol, but that aint the scenario we have here chief. If you wanna make dummy thicc bionicle mocs not meant to represent a canon character by all means go for it and have fun


At the risk of questioning the rules and authorities, I wonder if the controversy over this entry couldn’t just be contained to this topic and, hopefully, not be addressed during voting. People have already made their views clear, and though it may be too idealistic, I’d expect that everyone who either likes or does not like the controversial design choice would proceed to speak with their votes, not their text.

I’d also like to draw attention to a MOC in the Helryx contest that exhibited a very similar design choice but was not disqualified. While I understand that this one is being challenged over the controversy (which the Helryx one didn’t have), not the design itself, it seems unfair to mandate the removal of this design when that one was accepted.


How are we supposed to know shes female without big, juicy, glute plates?


looking at that helyrx im surprised it wasnt DQed lol. I guess they have learned a few things since then. that being said, this contest also is, and should be, more restrictive due to us having 2 hagah sets already. I am still unclear how anyone can look at this and say with a straight face that they think that this entry as is without major changes is remotely a good idea to be allowed to be voted on as a potential canon depiction of gaaki lol


Sometimes it feels more like Eljay says “I don’t want this, this, and also this thing to be a canon, so I’ll punch them to death because I just can”


I’ll support those fists on this one


I think that this is the main reason for why this one’s getting more flak than that Helryx. Before the contests, we didn’t know what Helryx looked like, so there was more room for less traditional designs.

For the Hagah contest, on the other hand, we know what 2/6 of the Hagah look like, and a noticable buttocks doesn’t fit in with Iruini and Norik’s aesthetic at all.

I personally don’t think that any modifications should be required for this moc. I won’t vote for it, but to me it isn’t all that offensive or egregious.


I suppose that’s a decent reason, but I personally like set variation and don’t believes this deviates far enough to be totally out-of-the-blue.

The key word here is “allowed.” It’s a contest: if it fits within the rules, it should be allowed to be voted on as an entry.

I don’t get the feeling that’s what Eljay does, nor should he be attacked just because he enforces the rules agreed upon. We should be grateful he and TTV are running these contests–despite the fact that I didn’t want them in the first place, many people did, so they’re doing their best.


I mean partly yeah. Dummy thicc gaaki is a horrible idea in part due to us having norik and iruni. Lariska on the other hand…

I mean as far as I can see, entries like this are exactly why rule 11 was made


Look forward to it :wink: