Toa Hagah Canon Contest Format Feedback

You’re ignoring my point. Your logic as to why we shouldn’t require metru torsos is that people can just build around it to make something that isn’t recognizably a metru build. What I am saying is that people can do that even more easily with full custom builds.

You say we should just restrict builds to using metru proportions. In that case, we are, as you said,

If we’re going to have to define what is proportional to a metru build either way, why not also enforce what literally makes a metru build a metru build. By your logic, this is essentially a metru build.


Restricting the pieces and build in this case helps more as it keeps main astethics and proportions similar to the already established hagah. HAVING CUSTOM TORSOS OR FREE RANGE will only lead to way too clashing models and ruin cohesion. Yes custom torso can follow the same porportions but why should people do that when they can do whatever, that’s why you should limit parts usage and builds so that people need to adhere to a certain frame of reference.

I did read through it, but I didn’t find it convincing. So to not clutter this topic, I’ll respond more thoroughly in the other one.

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People can do the exact same thing within those restrictions that they can using a metru torso and metru wait, by which I mean making something that isn’t recognizably a metru build.

Well then if the proportions are there and you still don’t like it, that’s the point you can choose not to vote for it

I interpreted this to mean “the Hagah that we didn’t get sets of”.

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the heck? You can just do that if someone decides to make a metru build that doesn’t look like a metru build.

According to TTV’s twitter, 7:30 PM EST.

I, too, am looking forward to it.


People chose wombat combat’s artakha over WholesomeGadunka’s artakha. I think it’s safe to say people will choose what they want as “canon friendly” for a hagah contest, even in the face of extreme customized builds that in my opinion looks way better

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Sure, and given what we have, it’s a reasonable solution to solve the contradiction. The problem is that, as you say, it’s an interpretation. But there’s nothing in the quote to infer that Greg was taking Iruini into account when he said this.

As such, it’s worth clarifying with Greg, wouldn’t you say?

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Glad to see you agree with me.

If a metru build looks nothing like a metru build, people won’t vote for it. This refutes your points as to why we shouldn’t mandate metru torsos:

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All right, imma repost what I said in the old topic, my ideal ruleset. Somewhat modified, as I’ve given more thought to a lot of things.

  1. Custom torsos are allowed. If one wins, it canonically becomes a variation of the metru build, no different from the Rahkshi of heat vision.
  2. 3d weapons and masks are allowed. Any 3d masks would just be an unknown mask power. For example, they could be the shape of a mask of fire. Only exception: pouks cannot wear the mask of emulation.
  3. Placeholder shield, or no shield, is allowed. Art must draw the rhotuka launching shield piece, however. This means you don’t have to paint pieces, or obtain a fairly rare piece.
  4. Art contest for all four together (norik and iruini optional but encouraged). this gives us a team shot. I would also say each of the four should be prominently displayed, enough that you can crop out a picture for the individual Toa for their pages.
  5. Art CANNOT alter the mask shape of the winning mocs, but is allowed to alter mettalic colours. this is to allow for mettalic armour distribution, while also giving moccists something to contribute. So if the winning bomonga is silver and has a kaukau, the art must have a kaukau, but can make the armour gold, gunmetal, even mettalic purple.

My point is you’re taking away other people’s entry and chance to participate and show off what they want because of some arbitrary rule of metru torsos, one that might actually be better than a moc that uses those pieces

We could eliminate this issue entirely by removing the option for custom builds that way anything that people think strays too far from metru builds out of all the metru build entries will quickly be eliminated and then only the fan favorites will remain making for a good nailbitter finale.

You guys really don’t want people to vote for what they want do you? Who’s to say people don’t want a custom hagah build? Let the builder actually build something that he or she thinks is a good toa hagah, and if people don’t like it, they’ll vote for something else. Don’t restrict their creativity just because you need to have a piece limitation. Restricting the proportions of a moc will solve itself out. You restrict the proportions, that alone will restrict any piece that doesn’t conform to that metru build

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Why are we even having this debate, just vote for what you want. Or actually, forget canon and visualize the characters how you want. It’s moronic debates like this, where the fanbase is literally arguing over how to build a MOC of a character from a DEAD CANON that never got an appearance, that makes me distaste the canon contests from the word go. All of you are gatekeepers and pedants, so high off your own farts that you can’t even agree to just let people build for the contest; it has to fit within certain guidelines to even be considered for the canon contests. This fanbase really frustrates me sometimes. Let people build whatever, and if it displeases your sensibilities for what you believe should be canon, then DON’T VOTE FOR IT. Is it really that harmful that someone else gets to have their interpretation of a character be taken seriously?


That makes more sense. I can see if people want to make more custom torsos, like waist posability.

But maximum creativity isn’t what these contests are about. If you build a MOC with fully custom torsos, it doesn’t look recognizably like a metru build, no matter its proportions.

I mean, this monstrosity has the same proportions as a metru torso, barring a unit between the shoulders:

I don’t think anyone would argue that it’s a metru build, because it isn’t: it’s just a (poorly built) custom torso.

Let me ask you this: why is a metru build called that? What is the thing that has been 100% consistent throughout all the Toa Hagah and Toa Metru?

So at this point, is your argument that we shouldn’t require metru torsos because they restrict creativity, or because they can be built around?


Restrictions are good for creativity. One of the reasons bionicle succeded could be argued had to do with restrictions. It has been scientifically shown that having restrictions enhances creativity. Now even if it was strictly metru torsos people could still vote out what they don’t want. There is nothing about strictly metru builds that defuncts the ability to be creative or for people to have favorites.


Though I certainly wish things could be that straightforward (and there’s a possibility the concern would be inevitably moot) the concern is that people will get away voting for whatever looks cool, rather than what’s actually canonically logical.

These aren’t contests for the best moc–though if that’s what you want to have, by all means, host one yourself; it would be fun to see what moc really is the best. But in the end, these are meant to be additions to canon, to fit smoothly inside the world we care about. If the contest winner doesn’t achieve this, then the canon contest will have failed.

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I’m saying stop trying to restrict the contest so that you MUST use a metru torso. Let people build what they want. But because people like you are so sensitive about any sort of customization, I’m saying compromise by restricting the proportions to that of a metru build ie the upper and lower legs and arms and body. Those proportions alone will force people to filter what they can and can’t use. Of course you can use a metru torso if you want, but LET PEOPLE BUILD WHAT THEY WANT if they truly believe what they built is hagah worthy

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