Toa Hagah Canon Contest Format Feedback

So long as a MoC isn’t an obvious joke, I don’t think it’d be a Hoseryx tier problem, though I could be wrong. Remember this Artahka MoC?

It’s pretty out there, but it didn’t get memed to the winning position. You think it would’ve, since an accurate name you could give it would be “Hosetakha”. But it didn’t get memed, because it wasn’t a meme. I’m no sooth sayer, but that’s just my instinct.

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@Sabretooth Someone tried to create a similar system in the old discussion topic. I didn’t go so well.

@Dag If the Mocs will be getting canonized, then any entry that uses a regular mask of emulation will almost certainly get disqualified.

If there is artwork based off the Mocs, then I’d vote for whichever moc as the best limbs, armor, etc…, because the mask would be changed in the artwork portion anyway.

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The issue of Pouks wearing a mask that’s not shaped like a standard Mask of Emulation isn’t as clear-cut as you’re making it seem. This post does a great job explaining why:


The thing is, a lot of voters just come here to vote. They aren’t involved in these discussions, and don’t know about the minutiae. If you allow a canon-contradicting MOC into the voting, a lot of the voters don’t know or care enough to not vote for it just because it doesn’t comply with a Greg Quote.

Overall, I agree with the sentiment of “let the voters decide”, but that won’t always fix canonictiy issues.

(Also, three-armed Artakha was unironically awesome. One of my top two, along with the winning one.)


Actually, ditto. It’d be useful to see those angles. It’d at least help prevent a Hordika situation where they look hollow from the side.

Edit: scrolled down a few posts and apparently it is in the rules. Neat.

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What was the greg quote again?

Saying an entry MUST HAVE these specific pieces is a rule that does nothing. I guarantee someone can use those pieces you mentioned and still make something like Nenon.

It doesn’t matter what pieces you restrict and say must be in a moc because you can just build around it and cover it all up to the point where you don’t even see the original piece anymore.

Piece restriction doesn’t prevent non metru moc builds. Just say you want a proportionally metru moc instead of trying to restrict pieces

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Nothing Greg says can overwrite the books, specifically that the Hagah do have masks shaped after those of past heroes. That alone does open the possibility more Iruini situations, but still unlikely. Then we have Greg’s previous answers:

2)Do the rest of the Hagah have a mask of a different shape, like Norik
2a.Is it possible?
2) Yes

1)I asked you if the rest of the Hagah had masks shaped differently than they should be (Norik : Pehkui=/=Kiril, but it was carved that way) and in a #b, i asked you if it was at least possible, and you said yes, did you mean yes, it is possible or yes, they do?
1)Yes, they do

It can’t be anymore clear-cut than this. I’m pretty disappointed that Gonel made that post, considering Greg has been understandably frustrated in the past when being asked the same question twice. If there was actual conflict between sources, I understand that, but that’s not the case here.


… or just do both

Just say it has to have the metru torso and reasonably resemble the other hagah.

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There’s two that have been important in these discussions.

One says that all of the Hagah have a Metru Build:

The other says their masks are not in the correct shape of their powers:

(NOTE: Notice how the first quote doesn’t say “Metru build”, it says “Metru-styled”

Is there a difference?)


Read it again I specifically implemented build restrictions as well in that definition. What axels or pins you use to connect everything together or what you add on to those axels or pins shouldn’t matter as long as the main construction with the gear function and waist is intact

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And then we’re back to square one of what the hell is considered acceptable and how much leeway do we have to customize the build. Not everyone has the same idea of what resembles a toa hagah. If we did, we wouldn’t have this many people arguing about the rules


We would have that problem with your solution of just mandating proportionality. Restricting to a metru torso actually helps fix that.

And regardless, if that’s the case we can just discuss a ruleset there, instead of whether or not a metru build should use what makes a metru build a metru build :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

unless people are arguing for the sake of arguing

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And like I said, people can use those pieces and build around it and can make that moc look like the furthest thing away from a metru moc.

Proportions are the reason why you think a metru moc looks like a metru build and why Nenon doesn’t look like your usual metru moc. She has actual human proportions.

If she was built with the same proportions as a normal metru build, I have a feeling people would be more ready to accept her as an entry.

So no, piece restriction doesn’t do anything other than make the people who want custom builds not want to join the contest @Winger

And how does letting people use whatever pieces they want help that? People can do that even more easily then.


Yo, I just finished reading (as of me starting this reply) all 169 comments currently in the topic. I gtg for the night but I’m just going to post some final thoughts for the day.

  1. (Assuming option 1 is picked) I think people should be allowed to used whatever 3D printed masks they wanted in the MoC contest. Could result in reasonable headcanons for what non Hagah (normal) versions of the masks look like, for those of us who care. Then the art contest could hold hard to canon and make the masks look like ancient hero Kanohi. We already have precedent, both the Helryx and Artahka mocs wore non canon (in Helryx’case, to her final artwork) masks. I see no reason the Hagah mocs couldn’t either. Everybody wins, or at the very least the folks who want a canon compliant art drawing win. Us nerds who want to know what a mask of rahi control looks like might win, depending on the winning MoC.

  2. Here are some cool Metru builds. Tokah and Mahuna in particular have interesting builds, though the rest of them all show that (in my mind) that even with wildly different feet and limb pieces, these dudes are still recognizable as a Metru builds. If you were to give the trademark Hagah shield and spear to Tokah for example, I would easily be able to see him as Bomonga. He’d an earth Toa with the right torso and the right weapons. Works for me. [Edit: ALSO!!! I don’t know who made these Mocs, I would’ve credited them otherwise. If anyone knows, I’d appreciate a reply. Thanks, and sorry for not crediting the creator, it’s been over a year since I download that image, I can’t remember from when or where]

  1. What time tomorrow will the Nak and Jay be for this? I’m looking forward to the discussion.

Proportions wouldn’t be an issue if you ban custom torsos as then you are given a frame you must adhere to. Also there is always a guy who is going to try and bend the rules but kf they do they’ll most likely get voted out anyway becuse they stray to far from the common consensus.

Do you have any idea how much proportions play into what a moc looks like? If you build a moc with the same proportions as a metru moc, it’ll look a lot like a metru build.

You can use a Metru torso, but what about the people that want to give the hagah a custom torso so it can bend its waist? Or add a special armor they really like? If you’re worried about the custom builders, restrict the proportions, don’t restrict the pieces


I’ll say in advance that I won’t go into the same depth here that I do in the other topic, but I’ll quickly rebuff your points, Dag.

The books have never been a source of debate. No point in even mentioning them.

Again, I thoroughly dissect this discussion in the other topic (which it seems you haven’t had a chance to review yet, so please take a moment to consider the point i’m trying to make there), but in sum, first review this quote.

First of all, notice the date. This quote was published in 2009, four years after the original quote was published. In 2008, Greg had already responded to a similar question saying “I really don’t remember. The Hagah storyline was three years ago, and I am wrapped up in 2010 right now.”

The history of the Hagah masks is a complicated affair, but it takes several leaps of logic to establish, and if I were Greg, I wouldn’t have remembered the details myself.

Now, notice that the OP only posts the bit about Norik not having a mask in its usual shape. If I were Greg, and was only reminded about the “rule”, and not reminded that Iruini was already an exception to this rule, I’d definitely say that there are no exceptions.

Taking the logic of the quote on its own terms, Iruini physically cannot have a mask that matches its power because he is, in fact, one of the “other Toa Hagah.” But we know that this isn’t true, and that Iruini is an exception. As such, it’s worth determining if there are more clarifications.

To copy and paste what I said in the other topic, I’ll settle with whatever wins the competition. The point of this post is to see if people would be unlimited by this particular constraint and free to post (and vote for) whatever they want, regardless of this talking point. Unless you have a personal vendetta against fan-made Masks of Emulation, I’m not sure why asking Greg for clarification on this is a problem.


If the TTV cast must compromise, then I say restrict the proportions of the moc. Measure out how many units the torso is (how tall, how thick, how wide). Then measure out how many units the upper thigh is, then the lower leg, upper arm, lower arm. Restrict those proportions and let the people customize what they want. You’ll find the custom Moc entries resembling the standard metru build.

Frankly I still would rather have the TTV cast pick one of the two extremes: either complete restriction or complete freedom, but if you have to compromise, then there’s my suggestion