Toa Hagah Canon Contest Format Feedback

I second this. TTV made it clear previously that there WILL be at least one more chance for the community to decide whether to continue the contests or not. At the time I said it would be rash to make a snap judgement on the whole thing with the overly frenzied mindset coming out of helryx and that the proposed poll should wait until after a second contest. Not because it’s “fair” or because anything is owed to TTV, but simply because it would be a waste to throw away a potentially great thing for the community based on the judgment of mistakes early on that could be fixed for all the rest. (It still baffles me how TTV proceeded with some of the same technical pitfalls going into this thing that they reminisced about from a bzp contest in a podcast months before announcing the canon contests). But now we’ve had a second contest, and by TTV’s own admission it stands as a proper place to judge the things to come. I hope the mods will remember that the second contest was sold on the explicit expectation that another chance will be given for the community to reevaluate their position on its continuance rather than simply hoping we’ll forget. And sooner rather than later.


And none of those custom masks can be used because they’re modelled by 00dude00, who hasn’t allowed his masks to be used for the contests.

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All “precious metals” are just variations of metallic protodermis anyway, with for all we know the same physical properties as normal, flat silver metallic protodermis. It really just means “shiny armor.”

Dang it! :face_with_thermometer:

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I’m missing the option of discontinuing the contests.

Seems like otherwise the discussion can be handled without me, though.

So for now I’ll just retreat back into my corner and quietly mourn the fact that the peaceful last months without contests have apparently come to an end.


A 2nd contest would be a must to be honest

The whole what is a Metru build debate is actually quite memeable, it feels that a Metru build should be something so obvious that these debates feels like jokes to me. Now I do hear you guys who want to build 400 usd Biocup statue mocs but you will have to keep in mind these are canon contests and in this particular case a contest for the Hagah who Greg even himself stated uses metru builds similar to Iruni and Norik. So why do we have this debate well I frankly think people are A trolling or B trying to find loopholes to make super intricate Hagahs and let me just stop you there. Since these are canon contests like come on if you think that, you are missing the point of a canon contest. Mocs in a canon contest should be based on canon and adhere to it as strictly as possible that’s the point. Also let me just inform you that if you think that “oh… but the voters will just filter out the bad ones” no they won’t I’m looking at you Hoseryx, even though I’m happy with the previous two winner albeit the latter more so than the first. I think it’s important to recognize that in both contests several mocs that looks way to different from anything else in canon looking more like a statue than something that can blend well together with the toys that are canon made it very far in the contest even though they were stunning mocs. Even if they get voted out in the end I have after Hoseryx so little trust in the Bionicle community I frankly would appreciate restrictions/themes that you need to adhere to for future canon contests. Especially with something so well described like the Hagah. So please keep your custom builds for the next one. On the topic at hand let’s just discuss custom torsos for the Hagah, well they are Metru builds right and so they should have a Torso built in the same way as the other sets using the Metru build right so what’s the problem? Limiting creativity? well scientific studies have already shown that limiting freedom enhances creativity as you need to make do with what you’ve got so I can’t really see the limiting creativity argument. Now I do realize that you guys might definitely not agree with my take and that is absolutely fine I just wanted to express my feelings and thoughts about this debate and how dumb I actually feel it is. In the end if you want to disagree do so but please can we just move on from this topic.

Also a short p.s I think my tone is quiet mild compared to the guy from yesterday who claimed everyone pro the use of restricting the hagah contest to Metru builds were incompetent voters or sore losers.


Actually, I personally do not understand why these contests have to be canon contests to begin with.

Do make contests for the best representation of canon characters who have no canon representation, that’s awesome ! Simply don’t canonize the winner and you end up with an awesome contest involving the whole community but without all the issues that come with canonization.


That’s been done many times before.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say that I wouldn’t be here if these weren’t canon contests. If I wanted to see what people think these characters look like, I’d just Google it.


Why ? If you think you can make the best “insert character here” moc ever, why wouldn’t you enter such a contest ?

We haven’t forgotten, but this is off-topic for this topic and it isn’t helpful.

We’re also not promising after this contest. Not saying we won’t, also not saying we will. It might be after the one after the Hagah. Nothing is set in stone.

Also, if the poll turns out the same results as the first one, and as the unofficial one posted a few months ago, I really hope this will be the last we hear of this.


We already have.


Then do so in a way that wont bend canon. My best example of this is Gadunka’s Helryx from the first contest. It really looks like an awesome moc with a lot of effort put into it and I have to give him mad props for making it but it didn’t fit well with the canon imo it really didn’t fit any other design language in bionicle, if anything it looked more like a Makuta than a Toa which already is contradictory to canon because the creator took one quote to literally and if iirc it went pretty far up those polls. So in many ways I’m more relieved we got doubles moc since despite what I think of it, it looks way more like something from canon than gadunka’s moc imo. I’m not even going to mention Hoseryx we all know what it did.

Honestly, at this point I just want to get the Hagah contest over with so we can move on to more interesting and creative entries.


Ngl I kind of share that sentiment.


This would be one of my arguments for skipping over them entirely. Along with the fact that it’s basically impossible to get a unified-looking team even if you don’t run all four contests simultaneously (which is going to cause problems, I almost guarantee).


I believe that’s the current plan. My personal preference would be a art only, group shot contest with all six Hagah and leave it at that. It seems to make the most sense to me.


It should come as no surprise to anyone that, even after all the troubleshooting of the first contest led to a smoother second contest, the third will be entirely thrown off by an overhaul of the contest’s mechanics.


Yeah I feel like the hagah contest should’ve been last, but hey what’s done is done.


Hagah contest brings in more kanohi tho :wink: