Toa Hagah Entries BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard

Here are my entries for the Toa Hagah contest. All entries made using

Here are the files:
Toa Hagah file
Rode Mask
Inorganic Calix Mask
Kualus Staff Piece (I’m not sure if this is a custom piece, so I’ll add it just in case.)

Toa Pouks

  • Mask is supposed to be an inorganic Calix from one of the custom packs.
  • Armor is gunmetal.

Toa Bomonga

  • Mask is supposed to be a Rode from one of the custom packs.
  • Armor is metal blue.

Toa Gaaki

  • Armor is copper.

Toa Kualus

  • Armor is pearl gold (compared to Iruini’s flat dark gold).

Here are the various views:

Front View

Side View

Back View

Height Comparison with Iruini and Norik

  • Bomonga is Iruini’s height.
  • Pouks and Kualus are a hair taller due to the Hordika leg.

  • Gaaki is Norik’s height.

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses:

  • No for Pouks (I just like the look of it for him).
  • Yes for the other 3 if it’s to avoid entries with the same mask.

I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses:

  • No for Gaaki and Bomonga.
  • Preferably not for the other 2 either. But I will still give consent if it’s to avoid entries sharing the same color.

I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses:

  • Yes for Kualus.
  • Preferably not for the other 3. But I will still give consent if it’s to avoid entries sharing the same spear tip.

pouks is a cutie, love the hordika legs. not 100% sold on the inika mask tho. idk how to feel on the colors of the other 3. I might like gaaki’s color scheme but rn its hard to tell cos the render looks black not blue how it came out. tbh gaaki and bomonga might look better with armor colors bohrok sheilds and masks swapped


I didn’t want Gaaki with the blue armor, since she was already blue. It’s also why I didn’t use copper on Pouks like I was initially going to do. It blended too much with the brown.

Metallic Blue Bomonga works better than I had expected. I’m not a huge fan of of gold Kualus, but that has already been discussed to death.


Yeah, I had a blue and black/dark grey color scheme on a character I made before, so I knew I would be a fan of it here.

I actually preferred gunmetal Kualus (being similar to the white/grey Ko-korans, but I can’t stand gold and brown together, so gold and white was fine as an alternative. G2 Kopaka did it (which is probably why it’s stale), so it worked well enough for this.

Thank you for entering.

Before we can accept these, we will need you to link a free download source for all of the custom/3D printed items you used. Please do that within the next three (3) days.

Interesting color choices, good luck


What counts as custom? Is it any piece that doesn’t come in the vanilla master list of (which is a majority of the metru build)? Or is it just the versions of those two masks, since they aren’t the normal shape? For those, I used them because there were no other Calix or Rode masks available, but they are supposed to be the plain Calix and Rode.

Any piece you use that LEGO didn’t make, and that was fan-made.

I understand that. Unfortunately, we still require those links.


Ok. I should have all the non-official pieces included. If you notice any I missed, just let me know.

Not a big supporter of Nuju’s Crystal Spikes as a spear tip, but nice color choices. Good luck in the competition.

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I liked the idea of a broad spear head for an earth Toa, like Norik using Gali’s axe. If it didn’t have the extra spikes along the edge, it would probably look better as a spear tip. But I think that gives a bit of Onua’s chainsaws look to it which helps me like it more as it is.

A lot of people have been saying that Kualus with gold looks like a Toa of Light, and I never really realized it until here.
Either way, the choice of metallic colors is quite unique.


I never noticed that till you just mentioned it. I only saw G2 Kopaka with that combo. But I like the toa of light comparison. It’s a cool nod to something we only saw in one character.

Even though Takanuva was flat gold and white, the pearl gold and white really looks like something Takanuva would wear, so yeah.

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