Toa Hagah Gaaki - BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard


Here is my entry for the third BIONICLE Canon Contest. I had planned to do all four Toa Hagah, but because of work, I didn’t have enough time. So I chose to put all my energy and time in my favourite out of the four: Gaaki.

Her mask:

And the size comparison to Iruini (same hight):

I really like how this one came out, and can’t wait to hear what you guys think!
If there is anything wrong with the way I submitted my entry, please let me know :wink:

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (No)
I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (Yes)
I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (No)

EDIT: forgot to add the size comparison the first time.


Ive been all about choosing those that made physical mocs for my votes… that being said this is extremely well done and I may vote for it largely because I want that mask to be be 3d modeled. Which lets face it the 3d creators will like create any new masks with permission, as we saw with artahka

I hope you do the group shot once the first voting phase is over the art style is very well done

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Quite enjoy this! There haven’t been as many art entries as I would’ve thought, so it’s nice to see this. I especially like the use of the side-facing thigh armor, rather than the front-facing. Good luck in the contest!


It’s very unique, but in the picture the legs look really spindly.

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Is this mask intended to be her mask of clairvoyance or an unknown mask you made to fit with the moc? Just a little reminder that it won’t be the canon mask of clairvoyance if it wins.

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Thanks, I am really happy with how the mask turned out as well!


I agree, the picture isn’t the best. My Iruini’s joints turned out to be completely broken, so I had to balance him against something :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the feedback!

I specifically choose this mask to fit my view of Gaaki, not as the mask of clairvoyance :wink: I looked up beforehand on the BS01 wiki, were it said she had a different shape of mask. I just really liked this look on her.


The bane of any moccer.