Toa Hagah Powers

While we are going through the lines to canonize the appearance of the Hagah, I would also like to suggest a canonization of their powers as well. As we only know the staff powers of Norik and Iruini, and with Pouks also their rhotuka, I would like to see what other powers they have. While I’m not sure on some of the powers I’m suggesting, I tried to use clues from their abilities as rahaga as well as the names of the staffs to come up with some ideas. So here’s my list:


  • Element: Fire
  • Mask: Diminishment
  • Staff: Lava, can produce lava blasts
  • Rhotuka: Slow, can slow a target


  • Element: Air
  • Mask: Quick Travel
  • Staff: Cyclone, can create a cyclone around himself for maneuvering
  • Rhotuka: Healing, can heal a target of physical ailments


  • Element: Stone
  • Mask: Emulation
  • Staff: Avalanche, can fire a bolt of energy that crumbles and dislodges stone
  • Rhotuka: Lasso, creates a binding rope of energy between himself and a target


  • Element: Water
  • Mask: Clairvoyance
  • Staff: Tidal, can throw slashing attacks
  • Rhotuka: Water Prison, creates a strong vortex of water around a target


  • Element: Earth
  • Mask: Growth
  • Staff: Quake, causes the earth to shake violently when slammed on the ground
  • Rhotuka (2 ideas): Numbing, robs a target of their sense of touch
    Shock, stuns a target with a sense of shock


  • Element: Ice
  • Mask: Rahi Control
  • Staff: Sub-zero, can cut through and dissipate any heat/flame
  • Rhotuka: Telekinesis, creates a telekinetic link to control a target

What do you think? Do you agree with my ideas, or do you have some of your own you would like to share? Let me know. I look forward to seeing your opinions.


I like the idea of canonizing the powers for Hagah, important characters as they are. But I don’t agree with some powers you chose:

  • Why Gaaki’s Rhotuka have element-affiliated power while all other Rhotuka do not?
  • Bomonga’s staff slightly resembles Panrahk’s power. This is kinda creepy.
  • Telekinesis Rhotuka kinda copies Kanohi Matatu’s power

Personnaly, I think more benefical Rhotuka should be made (Like Iruini’s one). Since Hagah work in a team this would be very useful. Also, to add some differences to them, I’d made Bomonga’s or Pouks’s spear rather look like halbert (which is combination of a spear and an axe).


Aww man… I wanted to make the exact same topic :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the input. Here’s my reply.

Gaaki’s rhotuka was one of the main ones I didn’t have a clear vision for. But sense her rahagah power was water floatation I came up with a water trap based idea. If you have a better idea I would love to hear it.

I also had 2 other ideas for Bomonga’s staff. 1. Could sense tremors in the earth to give him a sort of 3D view of his surroundings (think Toph from ATLA). However this seemed too much like his rahagah staff ability, so I scrapped it. 2. Could cause targeted objects to vibrate. This may be more practical, but if it were I feel it probably would have been used and mentioned in his fight with Kongu.

I thought telekinesis would have made Kualus even more useful in helping to lift the coliseum. That, and that his rahagah power acted like a form of tractor beam (although without the beam part), led me to this idea.

As far as having others’ rhotuka be less combat related, I looked to clues from the story about this one. Iruini tended to be more light hearted when it came to their duty, and clashed with the others on this point to eventually deciding to leave the group. As rhotuka are representative of personalities and other such traits, I figure the pacifist of the group would be more likely to be one of the only ones to have a helpful power. Besides this, I did consider this idea further, as I didn’t like having them be so combat related. So I thought of powers like water prison and numbing that could be used for helpful reasons like shielding and soothing pain.


Well I didn’t have all the spear powers worked out, but I had my rhotuka powers list prepared for three years now:

Gaaki: Dilution rhotuka - can disperse any concentrated energy or energy-based attacks into the surrounding area, making them harmless. These can range from other rhotuka spinners to various energy blasts, lightning and objects charged with power, etc.

Bomonga: Energy quill rhotuka - as it flies, it shoots out swarms of energy spikes/quills, which have numbing sedative-like effect when hitting the target.

Pouks: Explosion rhotuka - explodes on contact, or can be detonated by user’s thought. Size of the explosion is proportional to the amount of power put into the spinner.

Kualus: Sensor rhotuka - can recieve any and all of the sensory input the user is able to recieve. That means all of the basic senses possesed by the user and any improvements due to Kanohi, scopes or other additions. Great for surveillence.


Seems interesting, although Pouks’ is listed as Lasso. Pouks - BIONICLEsector01
It’s kind of cool how we both came to the idea of numbing for Bomonga’s rhotuka.

I know, but Lasso is his power as a Rahaga, not as a Toa. Or do you mean something different?

I just noticed - but in my case I put more emphasis on the spikes and the sedative-like effects. The “numbing” was more of a word choice than a primary aspect of the power.
You can imagine it like the spinner is shooting out glowing porcupine quills as it rotates, and they sedate target upon contact.

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His power as a rahagah was Bolo, it flew fast and low to the ground to trip its targets. However, I do concede that the info is a little confusingly worded. Before I thought of it in a broad term and considered that it was his rahagah power and came up with the idea of Punch, where it would force a target to be knocked back.

By the way, I am really digging your idea for Gaaki’s power.


I looked into it and I have found the source of confusion: In The Dweller report by Spirit, Pouks’ rhotuka is described as “lasso”, but on Rhotuka BS01 page it is “bolo”.

Thanks! I am glad you like it. Out of the four, that is the one I am most satisfied with, because I was able to include the “water theme”.

Overall I think since we are canonizing Toa Hagah appearances, it is the best time to have a contest for their rhotuka and spear powers.
It is not a major plot point and it doesn’t require new names.

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Oh, now I clearly see some more awesome story-searching work behind all that. But I still feel confused about Gaaki’s power. Also I like the idea about vibrating (his spear could be looking like tuning fork then), but it is not really related to earth. Haven’t thought very hard about their powers, but now I certainly will.
@ToaKebaka I really like the idea of Sensor Rhotuka! Like it is not battle-related but still very useful. It would be even cooler if it was invisible (for spying). I do not clearly see what Gaaki’s Rhotuka do, and I am intrigued. Like does it work like a shield or no?


It would act like any sort of shielding, nothing in - nothing out, like a prison.

Thank you Lesnichiy!
I was actually thinking about making it invisible for that exact reason, but I wasn’t sure if it would’t be “too good”.
Rhotuka are already noiseless (as we know from poor Nidhiki) and they can be directed by thought (which is amplified through Sensor rhotuka since you can always see where you are flying). So I wanted to leave some “skill required” for Kualus to use it proprely. But I am open to change my mind about that :wink:

If you were asking about my idea for Gaaki’s rhotuka as well, let me elaborate:

originally I had the idea of Neutralization rhotuka, which had the power to negate other rhotuka spinners by hitting them. However I conluded it being too situational to be broadly useful, so I extended its powers, while keeping the ability to take care of other spinners.

Enter Dilution rhotuka - it can disperse (infinitely dilute) any concentrated energy rendering it harmless. This can include: other rhotuka spinners and other energy-based attacks (chain lightnig, laser vision and other eyebeams, plasma, all generic energy blasts…). It can also depower objects charged up with some sort of energy.

Hope this explanattion makes it clearer. I thought a dilution rhotuka is fitting for a toa of water.

Note: infinite dilution is a real concept in chemistry and I based the idea for this power on it.


Thank you for doing some clarifying research. I had just assumed that the information lay in some off discussion that I didn’t even hope to find. (I meant to thank you earlier, but I thought this would be good to refresh the conversation.)


If I may slide into this discussion with a few suggestions of my own…

It has long-since been a personal headcanon of mine that the Toa Hagah possess Rhotuka Shields attuned to some of the less destructive Kraata powers, something that is evidenced by Norik’s Slow and Iruini’s (Quick-) Healing Spinners. I believe it stands to reason, therefore, that some of the less immoral Kraata powers might be applicable to their teammates. Moreover, I feel strongly that their Rhotuka powers should not reflect the powers they were described as having when in their Rahaga forms since neither Norik nor Iruini displayed this trait. While there are some solid suggestions going around in this topic, I feel that any discussion of Gaaki and Kualus’ Rhotuka powers should acknowledge that these two Toa Hagah arguably have the most passive Kanohi, meaning they in particular are in need of offensive Rhotuka powers to remain tactically balanced.

Here are two headcanons that I’ve had written up for a while that relate to this matter:

  • Bomonga was equipped with a Rhotuka Launching Shield capable of firing powerful electro-magnetic pulse Rhotuka, disrupting the mechanical systems of any non-sentient target within a blast radius of twenty bio. Typically, Bomonga used this Rhotuka to shut down mechanical defense systems, drain power grids, and deactivate automated sentry units, such as Vahki or Exo Toa drones. This Rhotuka notably had no effect on the launching mechanism of the other Rhotuka Launching Shields used by Bomonga’s teammates. This Rhotuka also compliments Bomonga’s stealth and is a devastating weapon against enemies of the Brotherhood.
  • Pouks was equipped with a Rhotuka Launching Shield capable of firing Power Dampening Rhotuka, which temporarily robbed a target of their elemental or augmented technological capabilities, putting them on even footing with Pouks. Typically, the Toa of Stone would often throw aside his weapons and engage a target in physical combat once they were struck with this Rhotuka, offering him the perfect opportunity to use his Mask of Emulation and outmaneuver them.

I concur. Your two headcanons for Bomonga and Pouks have to be my favorites.

Putting the rhotuka spinners aside, I don’t think the secondary powers of each staff need to be discussed, especially since they come off as heavy attacks named after the spears themselves. Norik’s lava spear has a lava blast and Iruini’s cyclone spear has a cyclone blast. It’s obvious that Bomonga’s seismic spear has a seismic blast, Gaaki’s tidal spear has a tidal blast, etc.


Very interesting concept, especially seeing how they were the Makutas’ guard units. It’s for discussions like this that I created this topic. To explain my reasoning behind how the rahagah rhotuka powers would be relevant, here’s how I see it. A Snare is often used to Slow a target. Tangling traps are often used as a humane way of trapping animals, in particular to administer treatments (Healing).

I finally have some thoughts about those powers.
I totally agree with @Kodiak about spears, but I also think that their abilities still need an explanation. There are mine thoughts:

  • Sub-zero blast: “instant winter”, temperature drastically decreases in large area in a pointed direction, wind appears, sky covered with clouds and so on. That ability could be used to weaken enemies, but also not very good for Hagah themselves. Don’t know why it is so, I just thought it fits name well.
  • Avalanche blast: creates stone wave in pointed direction, which goes as an avalanche toward your enemies. Good against walls, very destructive (so it could be used to break through Brotherhood’s defences, but couldn’t on Xia or in tunnels beneath Metru Nui) combines with sub-zero blast (classical snow avalanche).
  • Tidal blast: allows bearer to use a lot of water elemental energy fastly at cost of great weaknes after a few minutes of boost (high tide, and then low tide).
  • Seismic blast: well, this is obvious - micro bioquake. Nothing new there.

Haven’t thought about Rhotuka that much, for I don’t see any inspirational info about them on BS01 or in books. But I like the idea of Sensor Rhotuka and Dilution Rhotuka for Kualus and Gaaki by @ToaKebaka. Also I disagree with @BobTheDoctor27 about their need in offensive Rhotuka, for we already have a lot of Toa that have non-offesive Masks and have no other conpensations (Gali, Nokama, Matau and few others). This is still a valuable thought, of course. Still, there are some ideas on Rhotuka:

  • Bomonga: he was Known for ambush-hunting at night, so - Darkness Rhotuka. Targets in an area do not see, while Bomonga (as user) can guide his team through darkness.
  • Pouks: on the opposite side Pouks known to be loud, so - Rumble Rhotuka. Stuns target with thunderous sounds, unheard by the others. Pretty simple one, and kinda banal.

I think we need a poll, where every ne can vote for powers he\she thinks are fit better. That all I wanted to say, I think.


While I don’t think it is absolutely necessary for all of the powers to be some kind of a blast, I do agree that it should have some relation to the spears’ name. Here I propose some of my own ideas, some of them may be considered a blast, others less so:

Tidal spear: creates tidal waves by sriking a surface of any liquid. Spear itself is temporarily protected by a layer of liquid protodermis. Note that it can be any liquid, not just water. It could be oil, acid, even EP.
Alternative: Spear can liquify itself to change its shape or length. Kind of swiss army knife both in and outside combat.

Seismic spear: sends out vibrations at various frequencies, analyzing the target. It can then match target’s molecular frequency, causing disintegration. Given the mechanism, it works the best on homogenous substances, so no disintegrating living beings which are too complex.

Avalanche spear: can absorb minerals from the ground using them to repair itself and user’s armor. Non-protodermic minerals are converted to protodermis.
Alternative: conjures boulders that rain down from the sky (instant rock avalanche).

Sub-zero spear: using large portion of Kualus’ elemental energy, spear becomes temporarily intangible and brings the temperature of anything it passes through to absolute zero. He also needs to maintain great focus not to freeze himself with each usage of its ability. This coupled with great power consumption means he only uses it ocassionlly, since it can be dangerous to himself.

Well that is it from me. Note that between the two spears whose powers we do know, at least one of them has powers outside of the blast. So other spears may have a blast power and another, more subtle ability.

@Lesnichiy I think your idea for Tidal spear is brilliant! So the high tide greatly amplifies elemental usage, but the consequence is low tide afterwards (elemental exhaustion). Do I understand it correctly?

Yes a poll with proposals would be nice. but first we need to convince the staff (and Greg) that it will be happening at all.


I can’t explain how happy I am with this discussion. These are great ideas. @Lesnichiy I’d definitely second those rhotuka for Bomonga and Pouks, especially if we’re playing with @BobTheDoctor27’s idea for kraata based powers. So, we would have slow, quick healing, darkness, and sonics so far. Perhaps Gaaki and Kualus would have density control and mind reading based powers? This based on the many ideas thrown around here.

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Thank you @ToaKebaka and @Kanohi_Cantri. ToaKebaka: yes you understood the Tidal sprear’s power correctly. I really wouldn’t tink that Greg will approve anything of this to canon, so maybe we need that poll just for ourselves and our head-canons. To me, it is more imporatnt to add more more people to that coveration, like make an adversary. And maybe if some of TTV sraff members will go here, only then…