Toa Helryx (The First Canon Contest Entry)

BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First This is my entry to the toa Helryx canon contest the first when viewing the photos just scroll down to the bottom then you’ll see the fist photo. ( it just uploaded them backwards .Photos of Helryx moc on Flickr
Credit for the two prominent chest pieces go to bio rock dude. Everything else is me. And the hip amour is just shoved in there. There is however no major stress on the pieces.

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you need to put your post in the creative content | lego creations section

Also I don’t have anything against sexualised mocs but the idea of a canon toa character with nuvaboobs as intense as that is a little weird even to me


Oh ok can I change it from community to creative content or do I have to make a different post?
And yeah it might be a bit much I figured it might offend some people but i think it looks good

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So instead of The copy pasted title I have I need to write toa Helryx contest or what exactly do I need to write?

Read the rules.

Is that good now? Am not great with computers sorry

It was not, but I just went ahead and fixed it. Thank you.

Oh so you did. So it’s good then? If so then thank you

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You’ll probably hate me but how do I do that?

I kind of agree with ToaOfPlastic, in that for a cannon toa it seems a bit weird to have nuvaboobs and such, but that mask design is killer. Very samurai looking, and thats a good thing.

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Well thanks for the compliment for the mask but I must disagree with you on the other part. My defence is that even rodaka ( especially in the movie ) had quite the bust. And yeah maybe not as intense as that but still I believe my moc to be a good blend of strong warrior looking woman yet still has that feminine aspect that most bionicle female sets lack.

not only is roodaka a different species, but people also kind of hate roodaka for looking so out of place, so “roodaka does it too” isn’t really the best excuse.

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Also all Vortixx have chest armour like that, including the dudes.


On the other hand, since Helryx should arguably look more like a Glatorian than any other Toa, and they’re mostly organic, it might make sence for her to have features reflecting that, while other MU beings do not.

Just a thought.

Yeah, but we’ve seen a female Glatorian and she’s not exactly… chesty.

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The 2009 sets don’t reflect canon appearances, though.

does any bionicle set?