Toa Helryx

I intended to submit this to the Helryx canon contest, but didn’t end up finding time to finish it until recently. Here’s my rendition of her.

I don’t build MOCs often at all, so it was fun to have a prompt to work on. I probably spent an inordinate amount of time figuring this build out given how simple it is, but I really wanted to accurately convey a fragile stature.

I would have liked to build custom lower legs, but I (1) didn’t really have enough pieces and (2) couldn’t figure out how to make them blue enough.

I’m enormously proud of the torso, because it’s the exact size I wanted it to be and fits together nicely. Originally I was toying with ideas of attaching a chain-mail half-cape thing to those two light blue holes near the top of her back, but I like the holey, prototype-ish look more.

Here she is without weapons. I honestly like her better this way. The forearms look good from the front, though from some angles they just look like feet.

Here’s my attempt at a breakdown. Not much more to it than that. Sorry about the rudimentary pictures, I know exactly zilch about photography.

There we go! I’m thrilled to finally publish this, even though I was already wowed by a lot of impressive MOCs during the contest. Hopefully I’ll get around to building more stuff soon. I’m always having ideas, I just haven’t practiced enough to see them through nicely…


Looks pretty cool.

Looks fragile, but powerful.


Thank you! It is actually a bit fragile, mostly around the joints. Worn ball joints do that to you…

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