Toa Khrazix’s BIONICLE Magazine Reviews Part 2!

#Hello and welcome to the second (and last) episode of Khrazix’s BIONICLE Magazine Reviews.

The Legend Continues…

So similar stroy to last time, I was on my way back on a Journey (not to One) from Italy and I came across this (check Tesco British viewers):


I was actually suprised to see this seeing as BIONICLE has ended but anyway…
Time to review the last piece of BIONICLE media we will ever get…(unless you count the concept art book)

So immediately you can see that this model is much more complex than the last one

Some more comics ripped straight out of the Graphic Novel (which you should still totally buy, even tough BIONICLE is over, I’d still reccommend them)

Other than that we get 2 more puzzles

No joke, this had me stumped for about 20 minutes, It’s way harder than any Kid’s comic has any right to be

Other than that we also have some more masks:

So of course I did what Ihad to

Unfortuantely since the masks are not he same shape I kinda butchered the Mask of Fire

Sadly there is no poster in this issue

ANYWAY, onto what we all wanted to see:


This is genuinely an amazing set, definetly worth it, well worth the proce and is very creative for the parts it has.

It even comes with it’s own little stand

Works very well with Ekimu too:

The stand that Agil is on becomes the thing that hold’s Ekimu’s shield, which I think is amazing

Mo’ pics:

Snuggle Time!

One problem, Agil can’t stand up by himself

Most of what I said in my last review still stands, the only real selling point is Agil, the main difference is that Agil is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Agil is an amzaing set, and seeing as it’s the last BIONICLE set we’re ever gonna get, I would totally reccommend buying it, especially if you have Ekimu.

###That’s all folks
####See you again


I want it so bad

Which country do you live in?

All of them

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OK then.
As far as I know it’s only available in the UK although I think you may be able to get them in Germany and elswhere in Europe.