Toa Knight Balta, the Brave Blade

" Sometimes you can’t do what your heart tells you to … sometimes you have a duty to something greater than yourself. "
— Balta, Power Play

The first Toa knight from the island of Doom, Voya Nui.

His bravery against the Piraka did not go unnoticed, and he was appointed to be one of the new Toas Knights, who would protect the Kingdom.

Becoming Toa, his Repellers tools became much more powerful weapons. Now he can activate the power of his weapons just by thinking, no longer needing to cross the blades.

In a destroyed world, he strives to live up to the Toa mantle and helps in the defense and reconstruction of the new home. After all, “We haven’t survived this long just to give up.”
— Balta, Island of Doom

Origin: It is a matoram that was rebuilt by Karzahni, but in a new, weakened form. To compensate for this, he received a pair of Repellers. Said That, I don’t think his transformation into Toa could be something “traditional” as he is not a traditional matoran.

Toa Transformation: As he is an “imperfect” and “weak” matoran, I thought of his Toa transformation as being something imperfect as well, and to compensate for that, his weapons would evolve and become powerful as well.

The whole idea behind this set revolves around the idea of ​​the “weak, reconstructed and imperfect matoran”. That’s why I made it in such a way that it had a unique curved body, just like the sets of the matorans on Voya Nui, each one unique.

I tried to extract the essence of its original set in this new Toa form and kept some main characteristics of the set: color, the hunchback posture, the set of blades. He is smaller than the other Toa, just like his original matoran set.


Wow! That is a great torso build. It fits Balta perfectly. The weapons are also really good. I like how you used the combat staff parts to add detail.


I absolutley LOVE this,the torso is very unique and fits well, the color feels right compared to the original set, and the weapons are a geat balance of custom builds, but not going too far.

Balta, along with Piruk were technically my first Bionicle sets, and so Im very happy to see this turned out so well. Fantastic job!


I like that it’s a natural extension of his matoran form


There’s a lot going on here that I like. You did a great job of conveying the shape of his Matoran form; I definitely agree with the decision to make him a “shrunken” Toa.

I also appreciate that you kept his mask and weapons; so many Kingdom Toa MOCs that I see decide to change one or both of them, and it doesn’t really feel like the same character.


This one is cool!


Nice swords! Nice touch with those combat staffs from the playsets!


Ooh yeah this guy looks good. Nice colors and the build’s design is quite cool. Overall great job all around.


Beautiful! Love the Onua physique.

Shame we never got an Onua style physique until Matoro Mahri.


Dude that’s awesome. Balta looks great, and the weapons keep the look well.