Toa Knight Tanma, The Royal Knight

" We’re on our own here – like we’ve always been – and we’ll stand or fall on our own. "
— Tanma, Realm of Fear

The leader of the Av-matoran, the last Toa of Light, Tanma! Joins the Toa Knights as their leader.

As one of the last inhabitants of Karda Nui, he now serves the Kingdom as leader of the Toa Knights.

Upon becoming Toa, he uttered his Vow, and swore to protect the Realm and all its inhabitants with all his might and never allow any threat to advance upon the realm’s lands.

Your shield represents your willingness to defend your teammates and friends. His sword, his willpower, and he will never hesitate to use it to kill if necessary, as his oath is in favor of the Kingdom.

But his oath does not forbid him to remember those responsible for the death of the Great Spirit: the Makuta, and Matoro


For this character, I focused more on the appearance of a royal knight, using the LEGO set of King Mathias and Optimus Prime knight form as a reference. That’s why I included the cape and the set of a large shield and sword.

Initially, the idea was for the cape to be white, but unfortunately, the white color blended with the background. I would have to change the background in order to take decent photos of him with that cape, so I ended up using the black cape instead for the first post.

Regarding it’s set, basically everything is customized to accommodate the pieces from the Kingdoms Knights armor. I used the Metru Torso as a base for the torso but made modifications. As for the references from the original Tanma set, I kept some details in lime green.

About the armor, I would like to highlight the shoulder plates as it are quite versatile and can be positioned in various ways for set poses.

Lastly, considering the universe of the Kingdom, I envisioned Tanma as the closest to a noble and royal knight, always seeking the approval of his mentor and predecessor because in the story, it is mentioned that when Turaga Takanuva asks for help from Takanuva Prime (our Takanuva), Tanma experiences conflicting emotions: “He wasn’t sure whether to be grateful another Toa of Light had arrived to help him, or upset that the Turaga didn’t think he could handle the job on his own.”




Really neat builds


Now I really want to see a Takanuva Transformer someday…


I like the color scheme a lot, but that shield really makes the MOC stand out for me. The use of that golden tube piece and how you took advantage of the pin holes by placing gold pieces behind them really gives it a very unique texture, almost as if those could represent nails or something. Great work!


EPIC MOC! I really like the sword and shield! Not sure how I feel about the (standard) cape yet but otherwise this is top notch!


Ooh yeah this one looks excellent! Needs a little more lime green but otherwise great, as always the white and gold pop and Tanma looks good. Neat weapon builds too