Toa Kronax V2 (My self Moc)

Here is my second verion of My self moc. Kronax Toa Of Fire.

Without sword on back.

Side Shot

Back Shot

His Sword


Some changes I made to him are: Removing red from his color scheme. Cuz who said all toa of fire had to be red.
Adding some silver on the lower arms to balance out the silver on his chest.
Adding gold on his upper arm to balance out his gold mask.
And the reason why he has different hands is because he lost one in a Fight or something. Or because Glatorian hands can’t hold the sword.
Comments and criticism are appreciated!


He’s a Toa of fire and you left out the color red? That doesn’t really make any sense.
Nice sword, though.


Who said all toa of fire needed to have red as their main color?



looks more like a toa of light or something


he suffers from Titan Mata Nui syndrome now

yellow, gold n keetorange clash too much

switch out either one of the two main colors with red, it’ll work better


He has no yellow.
And the reason he has gold on his upper arms is because people were saying he needed more gold due to the mask.

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That’s… yellow. It may just be how the picture is rendered, but that definitely looks like yellow.

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I can Assure you every single yellow looking part is keetorange. all of the keetorange parts never came in yellow. And the only yellow pieces I have are CCBS shells.

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Oh wait I derped because of the dull of the colors in the pics

yeah, orange keet and gold don’t help

I’d suggest red and keet, since I rarely see it outside of certain stuff, or maybe orange, but I seriously advise adding red or people will be confused. Maybe Red n some color with gold accents, ye


One problem. The chestplate and shoulder spikes don’t come in red.

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who said you needed to rely on that design? Also there’s a gold version of the chestplate. Doesn’t match with the mask but so does most of the gold on the moc

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I do have that from jaller.

Then, I suggest trying to switch to some sorta red. Anyway about the shoulders, I guess they’re cool but they don’t really cut it. Basically I suggest you either try finding Inika upper arm armor, or something custom. Actually if you want anything custom I can suggest designs…

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That silver looks kind of out of place on his lower arms. Also what everyone else has said.

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Does this look better at all?

I’m a total noob when it comes to custom. I have a crapton of CCBS though.

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maybe you should switch building style/systems? Unless you want the aesthetic of the Inika build

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I could try using CCBS but I’m not very good at custom like I said earlier.
Not sure If you have seen my latest attempt at a moc with a custom torso.


I consider CCBS easier than the other system, but you can mix and stuff, depending on preference or the textures. Yeah maybe you can try.

There is a topic for Learning how to MOC. It a real Groovy Topic man.

The problem is: I don’t really know where to start when building custom limbs/torsos

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All those yellows, golds and oranges don’t really work well for me