Toa Mahri Revamp - Alpha Hahli

Heyo guys! Got another MOC for you all. This is my take on the Toa Mahri form of Hahli, and i know that I’m gonna get a bunch of comments right off the bat saying that she’s ‘too bulky’ or something similar, but a quick disclaimer - this was my intention. I wanted to try something a bit different from many other takes on revamped characters, especially female ones, and not try to restrain myself but rather go all out to show my own take on what the character could be like. And what i set out to do was create a large bruiser type character that’s essentially a living weapons arsenal - here are the results.

I stuck mostly to Hahli’s original colour scheme, as well as keeping her two original weapons, although i beefed them up quite a bit, as well as trading out the lime green (everyone’s favourite color) for trans lime green accents which i personally feel fit waaaay better.

This MOC is EXTREMELY sturdy and holds its weight very well, mostly due to several double enforced joints and friction adders, and hence is able to hold some pretty crazy poses.

Here are just some additional closeup shots and alternate angles so you guys can get a better grasp on how this thing was put together

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to check out my creations, i hope you guys liked it, feel free to leave any and all constructive feedback as well as checking out any of my other creations. There are many more to come i can assure you :^)


The hips seem weird.

Care to elaborate?

Well…I get that you were going for a bulky look, but it really does not seem to work for Hahli, Might just be me. The MOC is pretty okay though, seems like it would work for a bulky titan rather then a slim and elegant Toa though.

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The Hips are really wide, especially when the waist is really thin, and then the hips are three times that size

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Fair enough i guess, i feel like a lot of it comes down to personal preference, and i had a feeling not many people would be on board with the concept

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Definitely doesn’t feel like Hahli. She’s supposed to be the angel of the ocean, bulky doesn’t really suit her.

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I’m Going to make one that is just skinny but still looks like she’d mess you up

ok, this thing is way too bulky, and the trans-lime stands out worse than the opaque lime.

Ok, so it’s apparent to me now that this was a horrible idea, guess i should have seen this coming

the idea was ok, but the execution was lacking.

I actually quite like this. It’s different from most Hahli revamps, and I like that you reimagined the character as a ‘walking arsenal’. I just wish that she had maintained the ‘ocean angel’ look in balance with the ‘bruiser/tank’ look.

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Hey thanks man, I’m glad you liked it

Actually I like it to, but I feel like it would work better on a different character.

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