Toa Mangai Marn, the Miner.

This is my ver 2.0 from my Marn.

I updated my Marn, I put a little more red color on it because I got suggestions that he could look better with more red and, I have to agree, it did look better.

On the arms, I made a custom forearm bigger than before and that resembled the construction of the thighs, thus making the set more harmonious.

About his armor design, I used the Thunder mask with the bohrok shield because both have a similar silhouette to each other and the drills too.

And remembering the power of his mask (which is the speed increase) and my focus on making a Toa’s armor that optimize the powers of the masks when possible, I added a set of bushings at the end of his legs to serve as an escapement. The idea came from Tenya Iida from My Hero Academy. This exhaust would allow Marn to cool his legs faster, allowing him to use his mask’s powers for a longer time.

right below there are more pictures of it, and also the link to the first post I made here of my first version of it. Toa Mangai of Earth, Marn (kut ver.)

and a little meme referencing whenua


ah neat, looks great!


I really love the thought put into using pieces with a similar design language!


Really love the colour scheme!

The Ultimate Life Form


I really like his color!


Pretty cool. The HF helmets on the shoulders look cool and the colours look great on him.


You’re self moc is impressive I will not lie.