Toa Mata MOC Contest

Hey guys! I don’t know if I’m allowed to make a MOC contest because I’m not a Master, but I’m sure a Mod will chastise me if I’m not supposed to!

The idea here is simple: revamp the original 01 Toa Mata. totally NOT croudsourcing a MOC idea Now of course, we have some rules:

  1. Your MOC should look something like the original set. This right here:

not my MOC, found on google

This is glorious. Now is this what I expect? OF COURSE NOT! Also this particular MOC violates Rule 2 which is…

  1. No modification of parts. Now I should clarify that I am talking about physically modifying the form of the parts, eg: cutting, scraping, sanding, ect. Modifications such as removing prints or painting are completely fair game, you just can’t add or remove any of the plastic.

  2. Entries must be submitted here, you do not have to sign up beforehand, but feel free to do so. If you do not sign up, then you just need to make sure you have your MOC in before the deadline, if you have signed up, you still need to get it in before the deadline, but I’ll try to remember to send you a reminder.

  3. As mentioned in Rule 1, your MOC must look like that toa, that means that it must have whatever mask that toa has, and it must be the Mata version of it (meaning no Nuva, Phantoka, or Mistika masks). In the case of Tahu, it is acceptable to use the 2010 mask as opposed to the 01 mask if you are so inclined (yes I know they are slightly different but the resemblance is good enough).

As for when the deadline is, about a month sounds reasonable to me I have no idea what I’m doing so we’ll put it at October 22 (yes I know that’s not actually a whole month).

Entries will be judged by me, unless I get a bunch of PMs saying people wanna be judges in which case I’ll cherry pick the ones I like think are most qualified, and form a counsel of me and about three other judges.

Now the question I’m sure you’re all wondering about is “But what do I WIN?” and for that I do have an answer:

The winner of this MOC contest will get to choose what my avatar will be for the next week after it has concluded. The chosen avatar must obviously abide by board rules ect ect ect.


The only Toa Mata I own is Onua.
I Guess I will be making an Onua revamp.

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I own no Toa Mata :weeping_wailing:

I mean, the only part you actually 100% need to participate is the mask…

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Even then you could just go the insane route and make the mask out of system.


I’ll probably just see all of the great MOCs you guys come up with, but I must say that Tahu is gorgeous. Really looking forward to the contest!

@Matanui606 can we do this?

also, can it be in LDD?

If you are that insane, sure, you can make the mask out of system.

As for LDD… sure, why not.

ok, good to know. I’ll be back in half an hour. /s

Ok so I don’t have that many grey parts currently, so I can’t make one.
I forgot about that.

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I might be able to do this, does takanuva count?

No, he’s a toa nuva, not a toa mata.

Ok just making sure because my current ccbs toa(not posted yet) arent that good except for takanuva so i guess some work to have

Can I ask how the plastic on that moc was edited? I’ve seen that one before But I never noticed it had modified plastic.

I don’t know, the guy who posted it on deviantart just said that there were modified parts, but that he wasn’t going to make instructions.

it’s in the elbows, knees and ankles

What about involountarily modified (broken) parts? Like cracked sockets for example.

Cracked sockets are fine since the crack doesn’t affect how the part can be used (theoretically) however an involuntary modification such as an av matoran jetpack with the axle chewed off by ones pet would not be allowed because it affects how the part can be connected to other things.

alright then

Just realized since I think I got the body done, where do we post the toa