Toa Nui Building Contest (submissions)

Toa Nui Building Contest

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Continuing the discussion from Toa Nui Building Contest (Discusion):

After making several Toa Nui(s) using the 2001 Toa I wanted to see a Toa Nui made out of the 2015 Toa (the Okoto Toa Nui if you will). For any who do not know, the Toa Nui is a fusion of all six Toa, whereas the Toa Kaitas are a fusion of three Toa. The Toa Nui has never made a canon appearance, so there have been many attempts by fans to create one.

This competition will be to create an Okoto Toa Nui using the Toa sets from 2015. I’ve seen plenty of MOCs of Akamai and Wairuha for 2015, so now it’s time to fuse all six Toa Okoto.


1 - Must use pieces from all six 2015 Toa Okoto. Pieces outside the 2015 Toa will not be allowed.

2 - You do not have to use ALL the pieces from ALL the sets. (Not even the 2001 Toa Kaitas do that. Also, many of the sets have the same pieces with different colors. Ex: Tahu’s swords and Kopaka’s shield)

3 - The contest will last from July 1st to July 31at 2015.

4 - Only one submission is allowed per person. If you post multiple entries only the latest will be considered.

5 - No skull spider pieces may be used. (It's suppose to be a fusion of just the Toa.)

6 - The winner of this competition must upload Building instructions for their MOC in order to get the prize so that all may benefit from his/her awesomeness. (Yes there will be a prize)


First, remember that this contest is mainly for fun, but yes there will be a prize. The prize will be a Nuva Cube misprint. (And we know how Bionicle fans love misprints.) In my “Nuva Cube (3D printing)” I had several misprints created from the 3D Printer; one of them will be the prize. (Note: These misprints are warped by nature in some way. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

This will be the prize:

I found I could compensate the flaw by balancing it on one corner, which also gives it a really cool look.


There's only about a week left to the contest. Hows everyone's MOCs coming?

There's some fan art to help inspire you. (not done by me)


This one is done by @cat , Click here to find out more about this awesome art.



I would enter, but I have no space to build, and I'm using pieces for my TTVMB 1 Yearaversary, and I don't want to take those apart until that contest is over... Sorry man

This is my entry:

with korgot and narmoto
the final battle
his swords on his back
can be put in his hands if he loses his axe
leftover parts
he has components of all toa
i cannot respond to feedback because i am on vacation
b back friday night


Sorry for posting mine so late.

Though at least I'm not the only one, right?

Anyways, here we go:


Back-to-Back - Zoomed In

Side of the Warrior

Side of Wisdom

Four-Arm Mode - Symmetries

Four-Arm Mode - Twice the Punch

Wing Mode

Wing Mode - Zoomed In

Notes: Gears function for the right leg and back arms.

Any and all feedback is welcome.


Three more days to the contest.

Here's more art work to help inspire you:



One day Left. (It's the last midnight.)

my entry

Toa Nui

The contest will end at midnight, or when ever I wake up tomorrow; when ever.

(Just so I can keep track of all the entries.)


The contest is now over

Final Contestants are:


Since there aren't that many submissions, I will be the sole judge.


Wow. These are such awesome MOCs. It was a very difficult choice, but the winner is:


Toa Nui

All that I wait for is Building Instructions for @Payinku 's MOC.


Congrats, @Payinku!



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good job man

When was this a thing

Why did I miss it

Not bad. Though it seems more like that one episode of Transformers Prime,
than a Toa Nui. Still not bad though.


About a year ago.

No idea

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