Toa Nui (Masters Combo)

so a very long time ago (almost 2 years now), @tahtorak hosted a contest to build a G2 Toa Nui from the Masters

I really wanted to enter, but at the time, I didn’t have Tahu

now i have tahu
so here’s what my entry would have been

this took me about 4 months of off and on MOCing to get to a point where i didn’t vomit insantly

i’m still not entirely sold on it

the torso is actually really solid
like its pretty much a brick
you could shoot it and the bullet probably wouldn’t make it through

the legs/feet are probably my favorite part

they’re just about the only thing that stayed consistent throughout the 20 versions of this moc

they don’t look very articulated, but thanks to those HF fists on the back, you can get some pretty dynamic poses with them

now by this point you may have asked yourself
“slime what even are those technicolor noodles”

well let me explain

they’re supposed to be like energy arms/tendrils or something
they came about because I couldn’t design a good weapon, and still wanted a way to show this was a Toa Nui
yeah i know the tail looks dumb

another look at the these useless appendages

redi to fight bad guys


the six golden masks of powers

“dude you really need a breath mint”

Overall, my opinions on this combo are mixed. On the one hand, there’s numerous problems with it. The proportions are wonky, the HF beast paws are…weird, the torso is shaped weirdly, and the color scheme isn’t the most spectacular. On the other hand, I don’t know how many of those problems can be attributed to this being a combo model. At any rate, this combo was really hard for me. As it turns out, designing large humanoid combos without technic liftarms isn’t super easy.

positive comments are allowed, but negative comments WILL BE IGNORED!!!

not so subtle joke is not so subtle

that’s all


It’s just a white noise slime.

I like the structure, the energy arms kinda feels like hydra necks without a head, also the arms (not the energy thing) feels abit flat-

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can you tell i was running out of parts after the torso and legs

Didn’t I win that?
Oh scrap.

Uhh, nice build slurm, even if he apparently skips everything but shin and chest day.


Noice. But the color shame-I mean scheme needs work.

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I’m very surprised with this MOC. I wasn’t expecting something this good. The torso, leg, and arm construction are nice. The hands while simple look good. I recommend adding fingers if possible.

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I think you can change the upper arms limb and apply the weapon under the arm for bulk.
I don’t suggest doing this but-

If you have an extra short limbs, pins, and friction-adder, you can revert around and pin the Guurahk Staff (LDD didn’t have any so I had to substituted it) as arm blades and placed on the back for storage.


That’s looks very good, and awesome at the same time.

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That design sadly wouldn’t work because there’s not enough short limbs. I’ll look into better arm construction though.

I love the lower legs and feet

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I think it’s really cool

I thought they looked like this:

From the Iron Giant.



I like those tentacle things on his back.

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So I guess Okoto is where the Iron Giant’s body landed, huh…?