Toa of Stone MOC - Toa Pako

Another Toa Manu, this time the Toa Manu of Stone. With Narivo, the Toa Manu of Water, something that was brought up somewhat frequently as a comment was that it was an Inika build. None of the comments about Narivo being an Inika build were worded in a negative manner, but I’d still like to address them. I’d like to say that I’m trying my best to make this Toa team feel like a team LEGO might have produced. Therefore they are all going to be Inika builds at their core. That being said, I have also tried to give these Toa a bit more bulk and substance than LEGO was giving to characters with the Inika build in the later years of Gen 1. Alright, now that I’ve said that, let’s get into the discussion of the Toa Manu of Stone, Pako.

Pako’s torso looks like it is an exact copy of Jaru’s torso at first glance, but a lot of the supporting structure pieces have been swapped out for different pieces, creating a different support structure underneath the armor. This means that building Pako’s torso should feel different than building Jaru’s torso does. Pako legs are basically just Narivo’s legs recolored and with a couple extra spikes on them, though. Pako’s arms are also not completely unique to him, as they are just Onuro’s arms recolored and with the spikes removed.

Pako’s choice of weapons didn’t really have much of an inspiration when I was building them, though a little while after finishing them, I realized that they are basically just Onua Mata’s claws with extra larger claws attached to their sides. Pako’s choice of feet, however, were most certainly inspired by something, that something being Pohatu Mata’s feet. I tried to recreate the look and feel of the front of Pohatu’s feet to the best of my ability.

Onto the physical details of the MOC. I used Reddish Brown and Dark Orange as Pako’s primary colors, and used Titanium Metallic as an accent color in a few places. His weapons/tools are a mix of Metalized Silver and Silver Metallic. The model would stand about 224 mm tall at full height if it were a real model, and is made of 161 pieces.

NAME: Pako (Pronounced paw-[co as in “code”])

TOA TEAM: Toa Manu (Pronounced maw-new)


–One Protosteel Climbing Claw in each hand; Can pierce just about any type of stone; Strong enough to hold the weight of several Toa when both are embedded in a wall (Given that all those Toa can all hold onto each other); A single Claw can hold about two Toa the size of the Toa Manu; Can technically be used for mining purposes, but that is not their intended role.

–Armored Backpack; can hold small items for Pako that he doesn’t immediately need; comes with a ball joint socket on the outside for attachment of extra tools, weapons, or other items too big to fit in the backpack itself.

PERSONALITY AND TRAITS: Typically very easy to get along with; Is generally friendly and kind; Likes to explore and try new things out; Very quick to help others; Can sometimes be somewhat harsh when giving advice; Can be overly skeptical of things that seem a little too good to be true; Is one of the more cautious members of the Toa Manu; Is the second strongest member of the Toa Manu; Knows when to buckle down and do his job when he needs to; Doesn’t like to talk about his past, as it brings with it many unpleasant memories.

KANOHI: Great Mask of Persuasion; Allows user to persuade targets to become docile towards or unaware of user or a group of the user’s choice; Level of concentration required depends on the number of targets, increasing as the number of targets increase, on the level of sentience of the target(s), increasing as the level of sentience increases, and on the distance from the target(s) the user is, increasing as distance increases. Typically can only make targets of a high level of sentience (Matoran or higher [if possible]) forget or ignore the user, but can make targets of a lower level of sentience (Ex: my Rumuto Rahi) become docile towards or even helpful/friendly with the user; Effects on beings are not permanent in most situations, typically wearing off anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours later; However, the effects of use on a target can potentially become permanent on a being of a lower level of sentience if used very repeatedly, but this is not guaranteed.


Front view:

Right view:

Right view without right Claw:

Back view:

Top view:

Aerial back right view:

Aerial front left view:

Hanging from stone wall pose:

Running pose:

Running pose back left view:

Posing with a lightstone (Or the best one I could quickly make) in his hands:

This one is supposed to allude to a similar pose of Toa Metru Whenua’s. I know that I used this pose with a Toa of Stone rather than a Toa of Earth, but I felt it fit the tools of Pako better than the tools of Onuro.

Toa Manu group photo pose:

Toa Manu group photo pose back view:

Rendering engine used is BlueRender. You can find it here.
Character name created by the Matoran word generator found here.
Idea for Pako’s Mask Power was suggested by my younger brother. I came up with all of the specifics, though.
Any and all constructive criticism/feedback is welcome.


Could probably stand a bit more bulk in the legs, but other then that this is really cool!

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I agree, the wall pose is awesome. :ok_hand:

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I really love these mocs

But I have one thing that bugs me
They shall never properly exist since LDD was closed
It is just a real shame

The wall pose.


:ok_hand:Here is another hand, showing my approval of the wall pose, and my true nature as a trend following sheep…

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It seems that everyone really likes the wall pose. I had another one that I started before this one, but never finished. The wall had a lot more detail and I liked the look of the pose as a whole more than the one everyone seems to like, but building the wall was very tedious, causing me to stop working on it. However, after seeing the response to this wall pose, I think I’ll finish the original one.

As with your other LDD MOCs, very nice job!
The coverage looks good, and the weapon claw idea was pretty genius!
I also like the mask ability!

Everything about this says “creative”!