Toa Onewa (Toa Metru Revamp)

This is my Onewa revamp, it was designed around the concept of making a basic frame around the Toa Metru size and making it as articulated as possible. This is what I’ve ended up with from my experimentation.
Though I’ll still need to work on my photography and actually get myself a space to take pictures instead of cobbling one together like I normally do.


Nice Revamp! I like it!

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Torso still needs some polish, but the basic construction is a really solid skeleton! Nice work!


I like this build but the lower torso could use sone work. you should add more if that tan color

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Good job balancing the colors

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I love that this MOC is already outdated, because I edit my MOCs slightly so often. As with anything I am looking to improve it constantly, as for colors, I am planning to replace that black ccbs hand connector with the grey version, so it doesn’t stick out as much. That will help with the color placement over all.
The waist unit is kinda basic so I’m trying to come up with a new design that fits and allows for the same proportions, that being said it is kinda difficult to do that, since it’s a comparatively smaller figure compared to some other MOCs i’ve done.

Thanks for the suggestions I will see how I can improve this MOC.

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The moc is alright, as others have said, the torso really needs some work but I get why you built it so, lot of posability and dynamic action with the design. The upper arms are a bit too large though, they could be redesigned. The upper legs also could be improved a bit.