Toa Orde Patriarch of Psionics (V2) and Yesterday Quest Toa

Hi everyone!

A year ago, I posted my take on notoriously grumpy Toa Orde, the first Toa of Psionics, and the only male member of this Element. I was unhappy with his design, especially in relation to my Toa Zaria and Toa Chiara. So, I decided to do a complete overhaul of design once the new Ford GT came out, which provided a plethora of dark blue Technic elements with which to work.

My Orde now has a fully articulated waist and neck, and improved stability in his arms and legs. I still tried to keep several visual cues from early Toa designs, however (Helryx, the Toa Mata, etc.), such as the boxt shape of his torso, the Mata leg pieces on his arms, hand, feet, and head, while also giving him a unique silhouette. I kept his Miru, and while I know the Sanok is the most popular choice for his Kanohi, I like the idea of him using a Miru, as it makes that a person so tied to mental powers should be able to levitate, and it would add some power to attacks with his mace. Additionally, I thought it would be funny to have a Toa well known for being gruff and grizzled wearing a mask that resembles a smile.

As you can see from the group shot, I have also tweaked my designs for Chiara and Zaria, though only slightly. You can see more detailed breakdowns of their designs here:

Chiara: Toa Chiara, Lady of the Lightning

Zaria: Zaria Toa of Iron

Lastly, I included him along a MOD of a Zyglak, during their very unsuccessful negotiations. Hope you like him, and feel free to leave compliments and/or criticism.


Nice take. I really like the retro look that you gave him and the weapon looks fantastic.


@Alucia Thanks a lot! His mace was tricky, because I wanted to come up with something that we not only hadn’t seen before (MOC or official), but also something that fit his overall retro aesthetic. Glad you like him, and thank you for the praise.


Nice the gold is assorted well in this build :+1:


@Droconis Thank you! I don’t work a lot with pearl gold, so it was fun to combine it in with the dark blue. Glad you like him!