Toa Rhalira of the Toa Obliti, Defender of the Derelicted

Hello everyone!
I created this MOC over the last two days or so and I thought I’d share it.

And, yes, I am very much prepared for the comments I will get over my choice of chest design.

Name: Toa Rhalira (Pronounced: RA - Lee - RA)
Gender: Female
Element: Water
Team: The Toa Obliti
Weapons: Ocean Scythes
Quote: “Those who acquire strength automatically pledge themselves to help the weak.”
Personality: From the moment she knew she was a toa, Rhalira dedicated herself to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Her actions gain her respect amongst citizens and her wisdom challenges even the most foolhardy matoran. She is admired by her teammates and is a constant reminder of the cost of life if they shall ever fail. Like all toa of water, she commands the sea, can form water droplets due to precipitation the atmosphere, and can perform a nova blast if she chooses to do so.

Back view

All in all, I quite like this MOC! It’s my best female MOC so far and,even those it has a Nuva armor chest, I’d say it doesn’t look over-sexualized. It has more than the average articulation -waist(not much) and shoulders. The weapons are nothing special, but they work. I did use more light gray and black than I wanted to, but I didn’t have much Mata Blue nor Metru blue in a wide range of parts.

I do really like the head spikes, I added, though!

Heres a final picture of my best toa.
From left to right: Toa Nagreth, Toa Carnu (same link as Nagreth, just scroll Way down!), Toa Rhalira, and Toa Calenta.

What do you all think?
Comments and Constructive Criticism are highly appreciated!
Thank you in advance!


This is coming from a guy who doesn’t mind nuva breasts, but I think here they look awkward because the character has really awkward shoulders and they jut out unnaturally. I think if you somehow added shoulder armor. Otherwise, I like this MOC and it’s piece choices.


I see what you mean.
I might have something that could be swapped out with those black bohrok eyes near her neck, but it’ll just depend on if I’m in the mood or not.

Thank you the feedback, though!
(I’ll see what I can do about the arm armor.)

@Invader Yeah, I can never really get proportions 100% right. I like using the Inika build as sort of a frame, and we all know how weird the proportions are on those!

In dealing with the waist, the entire upper body is built around that so it’s is probably going to stay how it is, at least for a little while!

@decepticonaiden Thank you both!

@Joe One of the main reasons I used Nuva shoulder armor for the chest was simply for the fact, that I really didn’t have anything else that matched the color scheme! :sweat_smile: I understand your point though and I will definitely take it into consideration.
In the case of the feet, I didn’t have any other feet in Mata blue, either! If one really wants to stretch it, the size kind of resembles swimming flippers.

@PekekoaOfJungle Thank you! I really appreciate it!

@Leoxandar The main reason I kept the legs simple were due to the upper leg Inika pieces in mata blue. I wanted to use them sooner or later so I thought they worked well here (plus I ran out of mata blue Gen 1 hand pieces!)
They will probably stay the same, at least for now.

And don’t worry about surge. I’ve still got 1 to 2 extras for him!

@LaserKnight I think the menacing feeling is due to the mask (which I don’t plan on changing). I guess it just depends on how you look at it (I do see what you mean - not all of the poses she is in suggest wisdom).

@Kardax Thanks for staying! I’m glad you liked the head design!
In dealing with the shoulders, I do plan on adding some sort of shoulder armor soon, as others have suggested.

Thank you all for the feedback!


Also, the armor on the upper arms is really weird. I think you could find something better for that.

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The waist area is a bit jarring and some of the proportions are off, and I’ve never been a fan of Nuva breasts, but otherwise I enjoy the MOC.

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Nice. Very well done.

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She looks fantastic!

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I’d pick out a different piece for the pectorals.

Not for any reasons about sexualization at all, they’re just too smooth for the heavily greebled armor, and as such break up an otherwise cohesive texture.

Also, I’d recommend replacing the feet. They sort of look awkwardly massive.


Yeah, I agree there. Perhaps you should use blue mata feet.

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The chest looks fine, that sort of thing never bothers me as long as its integrated into the MOC well, and I think it is, at least. I actually really like this MOC. Looks good. :smile:

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The upper arms need some work and the legs look basic next to the torso. It’s pretty neat overall but I’m not sure if Surge would appreciate his head being used as weapons.

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To be honest, I don’t mind the nuva sholder armor. However, she looks menacing and I don’t get a wisdom vibe from this MOC. That out of the way, with a few modifications you could have a great MOC. Also, I do not like the open blue half pin at the waist.

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I came for a quick look, then stayed for the design of the head, looks pretty good gut the shoulders are almost non-existent.

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Hey, I actually updated it!

I mostly considered @Chronicler 's advice for changes as thought those issues were more prevelent and serious than other cons.

It is kind of hard to tell in the picture so I’ll just state the new stuff:
-Better upper arm armor. They were originally on another MOC, so that’s my excuse for not using them in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Slight fix to proportions in neck area. I added two black Gen 1 hand pieces to add more of an angle from the neck to the arms, so there is more of a smoother transition.

It is still not the best MOC but I like it, so it will probably stay this way for quite some time!

Thank you to everyone for their compliments and constructive criticism! It really does help!


Ah yes! Much better.

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Thank you! I thought it was better!

For those of you who want the feet changed (@Joe , @Pilgrimlock ) you’ll be happy to know that I’m thinking about replacing them with HF version 1 Surge’s feet. (I do not have them yet, so it may take a while before I change them)

Surge is really taking a beating with this MOC!

@Hautaka Thank you! The head is also my favorite part of the MOC!


I’d really really recommend changing them.

You may have been going for flippers, but you ended up with clown shoes.

Actually, I’d recommend blue Bohrok feet to be honest. They’re more streamlined and work really well with Piraka legs (it’s by far my favorite combination).


Thank you for the suggestion!

I think I will end up using them (once I buy some!)

Reminds me of what Toa Macku would look like. Love the Huna!

I disagree about using bohrok feet. I think they would look too small. The HF feet would most likely be more appropriate.