Toa Sonic: Toa of Sound

Sonic is the child of two toa. He was born 100 years after Ara was slain. Armed with a sound energy blaster, and his powers, he is a powerful toa. He can doge many attacks and was assigned by the order of mata Nui to protect the city of ta spheres.

Though my favorite color is red, blue is second and almost first. Plus I thought blue looked better.


Child of two toa? I don’t like the sound of that.


Huh? Well in the future of spheres magma, my version. Toa are born and created. And also part glatorian, unless a different species.

I thought Toa couldn’t reproduce…?


This is the future, after makuta teridax is killed. When mata Nui brought bars magna back to the way it was supposed to be, it also allowed glatorian and other species to have Toa powers, so technically Sonic is a glatorian but also a toa.

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Love isn’t canon. And so is MU reproduction.


Stop criticing the story and criticize the moc. Say what you like and diss like about it.

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Just an ignika build. Simple. But the back foot

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I tried to cover up the back and have a consistent color scheme.

I’m not a big fan of the torso, it looks a little strange with those blaster pieces and foot being used as armour

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Well it’s very simplistic and bare-bones and not very interesting to look at. The foot piece on the back is very jarring and the two Thornax launchers do nothing to help with the appeal of the back. The weapon doesn’t even make sense and the MOC has like five different colors.

Also the story is part of the MOC.


Wouldn’t it just be easier to say glatorian wih sonic powers?..

Anyways, the moc is pretty basic, and while to
Back armor is appreciated, it really doesn’t look good at all. Also, the weapon is weird.


Hmm maybe use a different piece for this.

The moc is a inika build which isn’t necessarily bad per se but this moc suffers from skinny legs and larger arms which give it strange proportions

Last time I checked bionicles are not human

“bionicles armor human”


Yeah I have to be honest with this one, this MOC isn’t very good. The build is lacking in much armor or originiallity, the color scheme is a bit inconsistent, and the weapon does’t really work. The story behind it also more confusing than necessary.

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Y’all need to chill
The moc is pretty standard, so if i were you I might try to add something to it to make it stand out a little more. The back armour is a questionable decision, due to the way the socket sticks out oddly. Maybe try to armour up the body a little more? And the legs. make em a little bigger. Colour distribution is done well, though.

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Who is ara?

It’s not really specified since there’s over 6 type of Ara, it’s likely one of these:


Last time I checked like 20.