Toa Spherus (Chronicler's Company)

Ever wondered what the Chronicler’s Company from MNOG would look like as Toa? Well, here is one interpretation. Here we have them as the first set of Toa to be formed after the reformation of Spherus Magna, imaginatively named the Toa Spherus.

From left to right: Hafu, Macku, Tamaru, Kopeke, Kapura, Taipu

As can be seen here, I’ve decided to break conventions a bit and have the Toa of Ice displayed as the leader. This is due to 2 reasons: firstly, Kopeke is the chronicler as of the story cut-off point, so it would make sense for him to be the leader of the group originally known as the Chronicler’s Company. Secondly, personal bias due to Kopeke being one of my first sets.

I’ve also tried to make them recognisable by staying true to their original masks (albeit in great form) and colour schemes, though I’ve taken some creative liberties in places for certain reasons. For instance, to avoid giving Hafu and Taipu the exact same colour scheme, I inverted Taipu’s colours and made Hafu Metru Brown based on his appearance in Onewa’s promo CD. Each torso has a gear function, and there are 4 variants overall.

Images (more coming soon)


Passing on the torch



Love is canon (Mahri revamps anyone?)



Another Hafu original!


Parts Packs Used
The Biopack (SwampKryakwa, Lehvak Nuva)

Custom Parts Packs (VootCaboot, KhingK, Galva)

Model Files
Contains full team file, individual Toa files, and the torsos on their own for those who want to use them.!AodcoUDvzhiw41vf6y17ACYJx5Lj?e=X4UFs5

Feel free to leave any feedback.

UPDATE: added an additional image for 3 of the Toa


Cool! I always wanted to see the chroniclers company as toa.


Great job, man! :+1:

Kapura (or as I might like to refer to him: “Drax eating chips”) and Taipu (or as Biocraft permanently established him in my head-canon, “The Joisey Matoran”) are two of my all-time favorite matoran. :+1:

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You may not believe me (and that is ok), but I had the same idea in the past: the first Toa team created on Spherus Magna being the Chroniclers company and named Toa Spherus! Of course I did not create any MOCs.
In my version they were created (symbolically) by Takanuva after he fulfilled his destiny. My version also included Tanma as the new Toa of Light.

Anyway, I almost fell off my chair when I read the title :smile:


Reminds The Kingdom. Espesially with Tanma. Torsoes are nice. But why 3 of them are indentical, 5 of them are similar, and 1 is unique? All in all, they are very nice and look cool togehter. 6 different feet are so nice. Weapons are very neat too, all but Hafu’s hammer (it is too big). Also Taipu doesn’t look as well as others.

Macku is now same size as Hewki :wink:

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I thought at least one other person would have thought of that idea before. Shame you don’t have any mocs, I’d like to see how your interpretation differs from mine.

There’s no Tanma here. Are you thinking of Tamaru perhaps?

The reason Hafu’s is so different is because I wanted an alternate design with the gear function in the waist to accommodate certain weapons (e.g. the massive hammer). As for the 3 identical, that torso design was intended as a basic, non-specialised design compared to the other 3 (Hafu’s aforementioned waist articulation, Macku’s more feminine design and Taipu’s hunched over look)

Given that Hafu’s a Toa of Stone and all, I thought he’d be strong enough to carry a weapon that big. But I see where you’re coming from.

Personally I also find Taipu to be the weak link out of the group. Idk, maybe it’s the torso?

Shhhhh don’t let Greg find out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: