Avaru's Post-Canon Collection: Toa (Nuva, Mahri, and more)

A few weeks back I posted my MOCs of the Chronicler’s Company as Toa, which then led to me to make a revamp of Hewkii to go with Macku. What started as a lame “love is canon” joke ended with me making all the Toa Nuva and Mahri in my own style, plus some others to go along with them. Yes, I am aware that it’s just the same 2 builds 18 times with some variation (I can make other MOC designs, I promise!)

Toa Nuva:

For the Nuva, I tried to remain as true to their 2002 forms as possible, while retaining some features from the Phantoka/Mistika sets, though I’ll admit I got a bit lazy with the weapon design.


Toa Mahri

Well, Toa Mahri +1. Given that Takanuva transformed not long before the Inika, was pretty friendly with the others as Matoran, and is the right colour to fill the gap left by Matoro, I figured I’d put him here. I also decided to give them weapons similar to what they used in their sets, but I made them look more elemental.


Toa Spherus

As you can see, I’ve changed the Toa Spherus up quite a bit since my last post, based on feedback. Macku and Tamaru remain pretty much unchanged, Hafu’s hammer isn’t quite so huge, Kopeke and Kapura have different torso variations so that we don’t have 3 Toa with an identical torso design, and Taipu’s been reworked completely, to the point of having a different weapon so he doesn’t look too much like Onua.


Other Toa
In addition to the main teams, I’ve got a few more Toa shown below.


Krakua and Helryx, scaled and given gear functions to match the others


For the sake of the upcoming canon contest, I’ve left the Toa Hagah with their Metru builds.

And that’s it for Toa. I’ve got some Matoran and Turaga as well, which I’ll post sometime in the future. If anyone’s got any feedback, let me know.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to add credit for the parts packs:
The Biopack (SwampKryakwa, Lehvak Nuva)

Custom Parts Packs (VootCaboot, KhingK, Galva)


I really like Lewa, Pohatu and Takanuva! They seem to have a really good blend of their different iterations. However I don’t really like the female torsos-they seem too wide to me.

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yeah, the female torso was pretty hard to get to a state I was happy with; looking at it, it is rather top-heavy. I might try and rework it at some point. But I’m glad you liked Pohatu, that was my first time experimenting with the original torso build so it’s good to see it worked out.

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I am digging that Helryx! Any chance we could get more pictures of it?

I can do one better! Here’s a link to the studio files, Helryx will be under Toa OOMN.

Oh nice! Thanks for the downloads. I might try and part out that Helryx on Bricklink. Great work!

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Please tell me how you made Jaller and Hewkii’s masks marble. I have been experimenting with photoshop but I cannot marble them

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Pretty surprised someone would actually want to build one of my MOCs in real life, not sure if you’ll be able to get all the parts in the right colours though.

I rendered it twice, each with a different colour (so in Jaller’s case, once in red and once in orange), then layered them on top of each other in photoshop and used the eraser tool with the hardness down.

Ah ok thanks. Btw where did you get the rhotuka? I have the biopack, galva pack, and KhingK pack but none have the rhotuka.

Nice work! The builds are really clean, and each character looks pretty good. The only crituque I have is that Matoro looks a lot like Takanuva in my opinion.

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That’s because it is Takanuva. People replace Matoro with Takanuva since Matoro died

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I see. Nevermind, then. I thought that you were trying to combine Matoro with Mata Nui.

The rhotuka should be in the biopack, it’s just not labelled as rhotuka. Search part 50899, that should be what you’re looking for.

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You should be proud! Your design for Helryx is a really good update of the canon design but with sturdier construction and a better overall figure. It really caught my eye and I’d love to have it for my own personal collection.

As far as nonexistent pieces, the only real hangups are the two skeleton limbs, the axle and pin connectors, and the 3-length axles with the stops which are only readily available in flat silver, black, and reddish brown respectively but I can easily paint those if I must.

Very impressive.

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I can see where you’re coming from, with the staff shape and some of my other design choices, but I did state in the original post that was Takanuva and not Matoro.

Don’t worry if you can’t get axles or pins in the right colour, those are hardly noticeable anyway. Same goes for the connectors, which means the only parts you’ll really have to paint are the skeleton limbs. Also I’d suggest going for blue axle pins instead of black because those are cheaper. As for hoses, it might pay to use “flexible ribbed” ones instead of “soft axle” as that might make the build a bit more sturdy.

I really love the Kopeke’s boardsword! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

These are really fun to look through. I think the Toa Nuva are my favorite, although you’re not wrong about the weapon design–Pohatu’s claws are solidly meh. I really like the gears built in to all of 'em, though. It makes them a nice thickness compared to the sort of thin back-to-front Inika build.

The only Toa I don’t really like are Nuparu, Tahu, and Helryx–Nuparu’s weapons are… what…? I’m not a fan of the masks on Tahu and Nuparu especially, though of course you couldn’t help that. Tahu’s thighs could use bigger armor, though. Helryx’s elbow area is just too creepily thin.

In contrast to Axelford, I rather like the female torsos. They’re appreciably female while preserving the “not-that-different-from-the-males” aesthetic of the actual sets.

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These are amazing! Great job! :smiley: I love the custom masks and the custom torsos! Awesome overall design style too. :slight_smile:

Also, you have no idea how much I appreciate the metru-build Hagah. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For the Toa Mahri I tried to make the weapons somewhat similar to their set forms, so seeing as Nuparu uses a drill as an Inika and a shield as a Mahri I thought I’d merge the two together. Clearly it didn’t work out.

He uses those armour pieces in his Mistika form so I decided to use them here as well.

She’s meant to be “disturbingly frail”, besides, they’re not as thin as they could be :wink:

Perfectly understandable that my design choices work for some but not others. Glad someone liked it though as it was the hardest one to get right.

They were meant more as entries to the canon contest than to go alongside the others, I just put them there to see if I can get any feedback before the contest starts.