Toa Tuyet moc

This is my possible entry to the up coming canon contest for toa tuyet. She’s got wast articulation and yes I just recycled the mask design from my helyrex entry. And also iam aware most people might not like some design choices but trust me when I say this I did restrain myself a bit.with that said I hope you like it and wish to hear some feed back as iam still tinkering with some amour pieces and colour combinations. Iam not married to the sword ether.


The pictures are just “Uploading”
you may wish to fix that.

Yup nothing ever easy

Okay, now that i can see the moc, i can see the torso design is actually pretty good. perhaps nuva shoulders being used…like that is a little too much, but you certainly managed to get the point across that this is a female character.


Yeah I know it’s not popular. But again it’s a lot toned down from what I had on before which was large individual articulating boobs. So I decided this was a good compromise to still do what I envisioned and maybe still have a chance at competing.


I like it, but it maybe needs more mata blue in the upper body

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Really, there should never be any suggestion of “being female” on a Toa MOC. They don’t have boobs, there is no reason to depict them. It’s almost permissible as chest armor here, but permissibility would be down to the auditors and moderators. It’s a shame, because it’s a very good MOC otherwise; the custom torso design is neat and shaping elsewhere is effective.


Usually what I do for female mocs is make the shoulders narrower than the shoulders of the male mocs


Really, gender and physical shape are pretty much completely decoupled in the BIONICLE universe. That’s not to say you’re wrong, of course. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes for Toa, regardless of their gender. Helryx and Gali are good examples of this.


Yeah, true.


While I don’t disagree, it’s not unreasonable for MOCists to want to draw from the real world/other media to depict something similar.

As far as the MOC goes, though, I do agree that the nuva boobs are a little … tasteless. Which is a shame, because as was mentioned, the torso design itself is really quite elegant. Can’t say I’ll be voting for it, but best of luck if you do decide to enter.


The MOC looks great, but the torso is too tall, an with standard inika legs it has awkward proportions. My recommendation to enter the contest is to reduce the size of the upper torso, maybe by getting rid of the elephant in the room (nuva boobs) and placing the arms and neck closer to the pistons you could make her more believable in universe, which is in the end the most important criteria according to most voters, me included. Don’t get me wrong, I like the torso design but I feel like it would fit better in Lariska than in Tuyet, as there is no size limit with her. I know there’s a Greg post saying she is toa sized but then again there’s a more recent post that says her size relative to a toa is unknown, and besides a toa sized figure wouldn’t look as the most feared Dark Hunter between dudes the size of Eliminator, Lurker or Conjurer, not to mention Spinner and Minion.


i like this one quite a bite, although the ears/horn thingies are perplexing
also nuve bewbs

I very much like this one myself as well. I particularly like the 4 and 5 pictures color scheme. I like the samurai esk feel the head design gives off.
My critics are the Sword needs some work imo it just doesnt say barb sword to me, needs to be wider. The lower arms feel a little bare given the details in the torso, chest and legs, and if you keep the sliver I would maybe consider swapping the blue visorak legs on the lower legs to silver.

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This is actually a good idea
just swap out / photoshop / spray-paint a few parts for teal and give it the breez helmet or somthin and it would be a pretty good lariska


Wow, this actually looks awesome. The stance and sword are definitely intimidating while also being Toa-like. My favorite part is the chain at the hip joints–quite clever and it fills the gap excellently. The torso is a fantastic build, especially the lower portion around the waist joint… I’d dearly like to be able to build something like that myself one of these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no problem with the chest other than it is a bit bland in terms of detail, and Tuyet as a character might benefit from spikier armor or some other thing there in my imagination of her. Probably a good idea to tone it down from your original ideas to encourage the sleek look of the build.

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Yo, nice bro! I’m especially impressed with how you created the articulate pistons in her abs. Keep up the good work!




Thanks. And yeah I agree the sword needs work. And yeah I would rather the amour be metru blue however might have to go with sliver as there are just certain sliver pieces I can’t swap out. And I just leave them it sticks out.

@MooCowsRock Thanks and yeah maybe worth considering toning it down a bit
To whom it may concern sorry for double posting. I just don’t know how to respond to multiple people at the same time.I

@StudentScissors I was referring to my helyrex moc I made.


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