Toa Varian, the Toa of psionics prisoner of the Dark hunter

Here is my interpretation of Toa Varian.

Some poses

Some Story moments with the character in “No one gets left behind”

Her with Norik

“No names. It’ll be easier that way. Just call me 'Grey.”

Battle with Dark Hunters

“You’re awake. Saves me the trouble. Your presence is requested in the Shadowed One’s chamber."

“Now, Toa, I find myself in a dilemma. You see, I ordered two Toa, and yet here I am … with three. A problem by most standards, but I have crafted a clever solution. I shall allow you to choose for me.”

“Thankfully for you, in stasis… you also won’t be able to think.”

In the story, she uses elbows blade. So I designed a special piece for this weapon. Many sizes are available and they are designed to be put on the arms in both sides: one when they are used, the other one when they are retracted.

When not used, the hagah shield can be stored in her back

Breakdown photos

Plus a turnaround

Custom parts links

Bionicle Toa Varian's blades by Scmdex - Thingiverse
Kanohi Calix, Great Mask of Fate (Non-Organic) by KhingK - Thingiverse

Link to the stu.dio file: Toa Varian - Google Drive
Link for parts:Scmdex Pack - Google Drive

I hope you will appreciate this modell. Every constructive suggestions to enhance the modell are welcome

The shadowed one throne by SairinNoMaou: MOC Throne of The Shadowed One


Looking good. Build is nothing too special, really just a slightly modified metru build, but I like how you attached the nuva armor. Custom arm blades also look cool, with a neat ornate feel. Nice job.

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ooo very fun - nice work!

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Honestly, the “retracted” version is how I imagine her using them normally; I’ve always envisioned the blades as pointing backwards in combat.

Either way, these blade parts are really well-modelled, it terms of shape and little details.