MOC Throne of The Shadowed One

I’ve made a throne for The Shadowed One using some technic and bionicle pieces. I tried to include some features in the comic imagery of it. Hope you guys like it!

The third leg/tail can fit perfectly here that the hordika foot piece is fixed in the pin holes on the technic part above. This fixes The Shadowed One in place on his throne.

Few more photos.


someone did it…
Nice throne moc.


Wow I thought it couldn’t be done but look you’ve done it really well, congrats 10/10

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Nice build! I think it looks quite flimsy at the moment so I would say fill it out more. Also maybe consider adding a new colour? At the moment he blends into the throne too much and some contrast could be nice.


You mad man.

You actually did it.

His tail actually fits


THIS IS FANTASTIC !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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the tail fits very well
great job man

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@Rukah Ohno thought I was the first haha. Lemme check online. Is it on TTV message board? Thank you!

@Eilrach Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

@Axelford Thank you for your advice! These are actually some spare parts in my box so it is a little bit gappy at some places. I’ll definitely finish it further.

@N01InParticular Thank you for liking it! Yes the tail actually worked out pretty nicely.

@Bukkey Thank you so much!

@ToaVictor Thanks Victor!


This looks great! Well done adding a spot for the tail!


Might have to reverse-engineer this for my version! Awesome job! :wink:


This is awesome! Why has no one made furniture for Bonks before?!


Nice job!

This is rad! I like how you were able to emulate the comic throne! But as @Axelford said, it does look quite flimsy. Perhaps you can fill it out more.


Woah… what… holy Gadunka… that’s… that’s… I’m speechless.

This is freaking incredible. Please create instructions. I’d build this in a heartbeat.


@StarBreaker @Connor_Hoffman @TLROsborne171 @BenjaminsBay
Thank you all so much for liking this!

@The_Blue_Panda Thank you! yes I’ll definitely build it more. The throne appears to be very weighty in the comic so I’m ordering more parts.

@TheShadowedOne1 Thank you so much! I’m not familiar with making instructions, but I can surely deconstruct it ti large pieces. It is actually a quite strait forward technic build with straight liftarms, pins, and axles. I’ll take some photos tomorrow


Took me a while to get not so busy and figure out how to create instructions… Again, I have very limited parts and this is what I have for now. Certainly more parts covering the technic liftarms and gaps will be much better. Nevertheless, here it is. @TheShadowedOne1


Yes this thing is great and finally having some instructions for it is amazing.

Thank you so much and sorry for the wait!

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That’s a pretty impressive looking throne, I like how you have a way for his tail to slip through it.

The instructions are well done and the throne doesn’t need any expensive parts. I bet a lot of people will make one of their own.