Toa Vladin

A Christmas gift for @Toa_Vladin.

It features the colors of the Romanian flag, plus some silver.

Heavy inspiration from the Hyrule Warriors version of Ganondorf, particularly for the swords.

Happy Holidays everybody!


Ambitious lower leg design I must say. The Romanian flag makes for a messy colour palette on an action figure when evenly distributed, and those Gali hooks look really awkward sticking out of the midsection.

The shaping on the legs is excellent for a design that screams limited parts pool. Aside from the hooks the torso is all right, and the lower arms suffer the most, switching to silver and blending in with the very gappy blades with thin, clawed fingers and no real hand.

Overall, decent work, and it makes me bummed out that we don’t have a secret santa this year.


Thanks! I agree, it’s a messy color palette, but it’s kinda integral to who he is. (He’s certainly extremely proud of nationality at the very least)

I agree… those lower arms could use some work…

I don’t really have that limited a parts pool, I just have always wanted to find a way to use mata torsos as legs, and I finally figured it out.

Next stop arms! :stuck_out_tongue:


Those weapons are dope!


The colors need to be a bit more evenly distributed, but other that that, nice job!

Plus, I am from Romania too…


Oh looks Vladin just remade his selfMo- or atuallly no

It actually looks pretty good! The only problem for me is probably the color distribution as others have said. Maybe try to remove that silver from the lower legs and replace it with full blue?

Other than that, this is a really creative idea.

Should I expect France next?


I guess this is a good a time as to mention that I take requests?

I enjoy working within restrictions. Some of my best work has been done like that.


That’s not a bad idea actually, bionicle countries of the world…


silence mortal

Closes eye
Blue, yellow and red flag pops into the background
A single tears gets out of one eye
Let me tell you a story…

The Romanian axe of murderdeathjusticerevengemurder.

Do Hungary next. I need to see me in Titan version fighting Hungary.
I clicked on the notification thinking that you @ me on an old topic, because there are quite a few of topics with “Toa Vladin” in their names.
And then I saw this.
And I really didn’t know how to react.
I love it.
It’s a little messy, some of the textures class, I know, but I don’t care. I love it. And the fact that it represents both me and my country (which I am not inexplicably attached of, not at all) doubles down on it’s awesomeness and it’s meaning for me.
I really like it.
But just as Ghid said, the two biggest issues would be the hooks that pop out of the body for no reason (even tho I don’t really have a problem that big with it) and the colours. I appreciate that you tried to use red, blue and yellow, but the silver really takes all the show. I think it should be changed with more blue and maybe red, but the three together might make the moc look a little inconsistent, unless they are put in in clever ways.
Overall, I love it. I really do.
10/10 I am not bias you are


I’m glad you like it.

I might do the Hungary vs. Vladin thing with a improved version of this whenever I finish taking pics of another project.


I think less yellow and more blue might help with the color department

This is good, but he could use more red. 7.3/10

Oh you take requests? Alright. What about me… Ok I’m from the USA soo… Oh I know! How about a moc with a red and white color scheme with blue as an accent… please. whine whine jk… about the whine part… do I think I’m funny… well not in writing that’s for sure! Usually. Sometimes. Maybe. Kinda…

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