Toa Yahru

This is the Toa from the motorcycle MOC

Character Profile

Name: Yahru
Designation: Toa, Part-time Order of Mata Nui agent
Species: Matoran
Element: None, Elementless
Homeland: Artakha (birthplace), Metru Nui (adopted home)

  • [Shown] Turbine Staff (Made up of Electro Rod and Thruster Club, both of which can be used separately), Power Cannon
  • [Not Shown] Throwing Stars, Smoke Bombs, Flash Bombs, Grapple launcher
    Fighting Style: Mata-Taekworu Zhex- A Matoran style of martial arts developed by his master Seihu. It is a hybrid of many styles of armed and unarmed martial arts.

Yahru (as a Matoran) and Yahru (as a Toa)


The silver Lhikan Hau is my favorite part of the MOC. The weapon is also fantastic.


At first glance I didn’t see that it was an Inika build
Nice moc :thumbsup:
Is the Hau painted?

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Yes, the Hau is painted :).

I like him riding the bike.

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Cool :thumbsup:

They are both my favorite parts of the design. Yeah, there are others, but those two stand out the most to me.

One a side note: I posted a brand new version of Toa Yahru on MOCPages. Here is a preview of it:

I legs are way pff, with the huge bulge in the lower leg an eyesore. The neck is too long as well, but the bike more than makes up for those flaws.

Sooo… how many hours a week are we talkin?


Not sure, only on special assignments. I guess :confused:

I may end up rewriting my character a little.

Edit (1/13/2018): New mask with new body