Toa Zaria Moc evolution

Since everyone liked my self moc evolution of Makuta Necro. Here is my Zaria moc evolution. That contest can’t come around fast enough lol.







8th and final for contest

For his mask I have mostly placeholders that I think look good. What I would love is one in the shape of an anvil from the side profile, but I lack the 3d tech skills to make what I’m envisioning in my head.


Looks pretty good, especially for the limited amount of parts in those specific colors.

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nice moc
but maybe fix the grammar
i personally think he looks best with the pakari.
but i’m pakari biased.
the hammer is quite nice.
now i just need to improve my zaria so i can stand a chance…

The problem with that is I would have to change the color for cohesion and I dont like permanently altering official parts so unless i can get socketball or another 3d artist to custom make one in dark orange i wont do that. I imagine that wont be cheap either. I truthfully would love a miru in dark orange.

Regardless the mask is kinda a moot point. As for his contest there will likely be a mask contest since it was never stated what kind of mask Zaria uses. So I am more inclined to wait and see what wins for the mask and if my moc wins or not before i go putting money on something like that.

I found something on RSF like that.


the bliss
of grammar.

Now that is pretty sick! I am sad I have not see these before lots of neat ones! Ill have to double check that they gave permission for the masks to be used in these contests

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I don’t think they did, you can double check tho. If not, then I have a few ideas for a new mask design

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looks great and I find the weha kanohi version (2nd last pic) the most visually pleasing because the shaping of the protrusion from the upper forehead fits so well with the mace armor halves