Honest community feedback (on my Zaria MOC)

Hey everyone:

As I have been building a bit more often I’ve been pondering my Zaria MOC. Toa Zaria Moc evolution. Here is a new picture, which I have not posted prior. its a scale comparison.

Prior I did not post a picture of this because I know he is massive in comparison to a standard toa. While there is nothing in cannon that stats size of a Toa of Iron, so I could explain his size difference by saying Toa of Iron are just naturally being bigger, I am torn on it. I love him as is but I am thinking about trying to scale him down in some way. Thoughts? would you vote for a larger toa build? He has a lot of connections and design wise I am happy with the color blocking, but I also think he relies to heavily on gen two parts. scaling him down would certainly loos some costume limbs, but maybe necessary. All that said when I put him next to my other toa, I look and think he’s a titan (elemental lord of Iron) rather than oh there is a toa.

Thanks for your feedback I would love to hear it. Also bonus pic of a new Toa of Sand I’m working on.


Mega Zaria is absolutely great. Using HF gun top things as leg armour is something i approve of greatly.(mainly because i do that all the time)


Honest feedback:

This is a great looking MOC, a great looking Zaria MOC, even … but if you’re planning on entering the canon contests with it … not so much. For something of that caliber, it’s really, really overdesigned and cluttered.

When you’re going for a metal, junky, apocalyptic look, which I’m assuming you are, every bit of messiness has to be intentional, not just intentionally messy, if that makes sense. When you have this many pieces just positively slapped on there, it doesn’t look cool, it looks cluttered. Counterintuitively, when designing in this style, less can really be more. I think bringing the bulkiness and messiness back a little bit, bringing down the parts count in general, would vastly improve the MOC, both as a MOV and a canon candidate.


It’s a great MOC, but I don’t think I’d vote for this for exactly the reason you mentioned - he’s way too big. The colors look great, though, and it’s otherwise really cool. I’d advise, if you choose to scale it down, to keep that dark orange slizer head, that’s a neat piece. Also, I think a lot of people would be invested in him having a Mask of Adaptation.


There’s a lot of stuff going on here, so I’d suggest toning it down and sticking to a central theme or making the moc a bit simpler. It has lots of potential though.
Also that sand toa looks great so far.


What do I think?

I like:
The color scheme
The hands
The spikes

I dislike
The bulkiness
The Height
The 3D printed mask (Not a fan of 3d printed mask for mask we already have a canon apperance too)

My suggestion for improvements:
Make it shorter, drop some of the armor mainly on the lower arms and the torso. The gears on the legs looks out of place and should be remove imo. The flex tube and the macaroni tubes around his neck also look out of place, maybe try finding a way to incorporate them better.

And that is all I have for now, good luck with your moc

All toa are roughly the same size, around 7 ft inuniverse according to Greg, for the toys scale never really was its strong suit. Still I think it can be a bit shorter aim for rougly an inika build height I’d say

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That Toa of Sand looks sick! I really like what you’ve got going on there!


What fedback can I give, hmmm, the chest armor looks a little low and exposes his neck a bit too much maybe?
There isn’t much I can really say he looks fantastic.

I think that the lower legs (where it connects to the feet) are a bit thin and that the CCBS piece on the chest stick out a bit but apart from that really good

I like the mask choice, and your idea of Toa of Iron as particularly large. The armour is a bit messy though, especially the CCBS shell on the torso, which looks like it protrudes way too far.

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Ok so I have a few suggestions:

  1. The color scheme.
    The colors you have chosen are great, but they seem very jumbled together and if you take a look at the moc from afar, you can’t tell what it is.

  2. The texturing
    The moc’s build isn’t very cohesive and looks like it was originally a normal thing and then went to a scrap metal depot and gave itself more armor.

  3. The build
    The overall build of the moc looks good, but I feel that you’re adding on armor for the sake of making it more complicated and less for the sake of it actually adding something to the moc.

ok that’s my advice.


I believe that’s intentional. Works as a Zaria (or any Toa of Iron), but not for a canon contest.