Toa Zaria WIP for contest Update

First thank you to everyone for voting in polls and feedback. Here are the changes to Toa Zaria for the contest once that one rolls around.

Here is a recap on a few things and design choices. I made him intentionally larger than a standard Toa. I shortened the arms keeping the bulky and a steam-punk esc aesthetic. And removed all bright orange.

Everyone seemed to mostly like the concept of the toa as the weapon and using his armor as weapons with forearm blades, so keeping it as is. I also swapped the mask and painted as close as I can currently get to the dark orange.

Feedback welcome again. Original WIP post


funny, i think this is everything i voted against
looks good though


Yeah its a catch 22 when incorporating feedback. The changes loose the steam punk effect, now he’s more medieval knight. But after the iron giant comment I could not stop seeing it so sorta wanted to alter it then.

Oops, sorry, that was me. Anyway, it looks good, nice work

Also, I think it still has a steampunk aesthetic

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I like the body, but I don’t think the mask works with what’s going on. The mask is smooth and has an elegant feel whereas the body looks more aggressive, spiked, and visceral. I would recommend a different mask