ToaKylerak: Voya Nui matoran revamp

I had some broken pieces and I wanted to rebuild Balta, so I did. But I didn’t just stop there I wanted to revamp all the matoran of Voya nui!

Here Garan and Velikka.

Next is Piruk and Kazi.

Balta and Dalu…

…And a group pic…

And lastly a little treat… An enslaved Matoran standing next to Piruk.

I hope you enjoy my mocs.


I like how they’re all built differently, but have a sort of joining factor that makes them look good together.


I really like what you did with Kazi and Piruk. The use of a Metru body on a Matoran is very innovative.


I think Piruk is the best.


These were my favorite little things as a kid. Man the memories… These are awesome! I love all the different builds and especially the metru torso.

Hmm, if I had to choose one I take issue with, I think it’s Dalu. Her shoulders are quite wide. Not sure how good that looks. Kazi’s arms also look weird. I think the original Metru arms would’ve been better.

Also, great use of the Rahkshi piece and the Bohrok foot for Velika.

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Nice revamps. What were you trying to achieve with the enslaved Matoran? He looks pretty normal to me…

I just wanted to make an ensaved matoran that wasn’t exactly like Piruk, but simmular. But it was mostly for fun because I already had the pieces out.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Piruk. My first Bonkles set ever. You’ve made him look pretty nice, as with everyone else as well. (but Balta’s lack of blades tho)

Ah. Is there any in-story visual differences between enslaved Matoran and regular ones?

Well when I used to play the games online enslaved matoran were just a darker form or Piruk.

If you can see the enslaved matoran look just like Piruk but are not because you play as Piruk against them as well.

And here is another enslaved matoran.

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In story, all the Voya-Nui Matoran have different body styles, and Piruk’s is just another body type.

The reason for this is because Karzahni sucks at building things.


The black claws were added because of his video game intro appearance.

Well, yeah, but there’s this like, one piece that you could’ve used to keep the swords.

Y’know, this one.