Top 10 TTV Channel Moments of 2016 - Chosen by You!

As we draw closer to the end of 2016, we once again must reminisce over all that has happened in this bizarre year. In addition to that, we’ve gotta make a Top 10. And that’s where you come in.

This is the place for you to submit what you think our greatest moments were! Nothing is off limits. Was it in the TTV Podcast? A Recap Review? Maybe even a channel update? As long as it was in a video that was on our channel, then it counts for submission!

In order to submit, just post the video the moment was in along with the time frame it happens in. Unless we have that time frame, we won’t consider it for the list.

After everything is said and done, we’ll take 10 of those and open up a poll before the end of the year. From there, you guys vote on what order everything goes in!

The submission end date is December 14th, 11:59 PM EST. So get cracking, and let’s see what the standout moments of 2016 were!

  1. BIONICLE been Canned!
  2. Recent Review of JTO Makuta
  3. Recap Review of Titan Mata Nui
  4. Top 10 doing all Lego
  5. Vessel close down and replaced by Patreon
  6. TTV Civil War April Fools day
  7. Recent Review of Umarak the Hunter’s Skit
  8. Ian Returns!
  9. The Whole Little Johnny joke
  10. TTV goes to Brickfest VA

It’s like you didn’t read the post at all. =P


Not so much the video but more so the entirety of the event itself. The TTV April fools day prank was hands down the best TTV moment of this year.
So, not really sure what to pick in this one but I guess, 27:02 to 28:08.
Eljay told me I don’t need time frames for this one, don’t shoot me Eljay!
2:13 to 4:25
0:00 to 3:00 I feel like there isn’t anything specific, so let’s just take the start of it. . .
Not really a positive thing but, still something worth noting. 0:40 to 2:00

Not in any order, but I think these 5, while perhaps not these exact time frames, are really very note worthy things that have happened this year.


I have to say, while there have been plenty of jokes, the april fools joke, and such, probably the high point was (highlighted by all the darkness around it) Meso’s speech:

In what is possibly the lowest point for Bionicle, even moreso than the original cancelling, as LEGO rubbed salt into the wound opened by cancelling it, bringing it back, and then butchering it, by cancelling it again, you guys came and inspired the community to keep going, and move on.

Heck, this speech is what got me to actually look at other LEGO themes, I was about to move on entirely.


“Two Mouthfuls of Milk”: About 39:44 through 44:40. I just thought the whole Milk Debate thing was crazy XD


Time to re-listen to all of your 2016 videos.
3:45 to 4:10
It just made me laugh so hard :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would say the road to TTV Civil War. Where you planned an April Fools joke months in advance.

I only have two suggestions sadly, but I think they would do great!

TTVengers 0:20 - 1:30

Drinking the Kool Aid - 1:44- 3:17


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This has less to do with the video itself, but more of the comments that resulted from this video.


About 1:08:55-1:13:00. This is probably one of the funniest things.


Meso’s Discourse regarding the BIONICLE Community and its future.

Nuff’ Said.


As far as comedic moments go, the Great Milk debate from TTV 222. I won’t bother with time stamps because it was basically the whole episode. :joy:

Just a reminder, as it seems most people have forgotten that this isn’t the Top 10 videos, but the Top 10 Moments. Thank you, everyone.

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Too many things to do:


Then we have Kahi’s weird attraction to Shadowgear’s face.

This one at 36:36 to (all the awesome stuff happens at these symmetric numbers)

And finally:
Thanks. Echo Jon
At 8:48

Oh yeah, and “Bag-Man” at 22:34


The “ideal movie cast” was fantastic, though I don’t think you’d be able to fit the whole thing in the Top 10. :stuck_out_tongue: Starts at around 26:40 (Video is timestamped)

I also vote in favor of Too Many THINGS to DO from the previous post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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1:44 for poor audio quality :stuck_out_tongue:


The Kahi Boards and Little Johnny come to mind.

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