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I have decided to close this topic, and reopen the contest in a new topic. Now how do I actually shut it off.

This is, of course, just my opinion, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to finish contests before making new ones?


I make sure to space them out. No two contest will end on the same week. I do this so the entries don’t get too overwhelming. Have I bitten off more that I can chew? Maybe. Am I running more contests at one time than any other person would? Probably. Do I know what I’m doing? Yes. Besides, I already have three running at the time, and have two to three more baking in the idea oven. Come to think of it, Maybe I am going a bit over board. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out.

You may also want to make these contests a little less specific, given the community here. Looking through some of your past contests, it seems that few people really entered at all, and I’m presuming that’s partially due to how narrow the entry theme is.


I;m not exactly sure what you mean. The contest with the most entries has 11 contestants. Is that considered a low amount? The others are still relatively new, and I am expecting more people to join. Maybe you could give me an example of how I’m being too narrow.

I know very few members on the boards who are Digimon fans, and almost none come to mind immediately. No one’s entered the Beast Wars contest as of now, and I don’t see any MOCs linked in the Dinobot contest, nor do I actually see any MOCs posted in the Combiner Contest. Only one person entered the Eggman contest.

Forgive me if this comes off as overly critical or if I’m missing something, I just think you may want to reconsider how specific your contest topics are.


There are four people as of now, and like I said before, its still relatively new.

I made an update in it, telling all who entered that its going to end in a little under two weeks. The people who responded said that they were wrapping up, and getting ready to take pictures.

That one is still pretty new. There is still the better part of a month before it ends.

Actually two people entered. One of them dropped out at the last minute. I will admit, that one din’t exactly go over well. But it was also my first, so…

Any suggestions on how I might do this?

I’m not talking people who said they would enter, I’m talking people who actually submitted an entry. Anyone can say they want to enter, but few will actually take the time to do it.

When/if you ever attempt to make another contest, try to make the topic very broad, and consider that you’re on what is primarily a Lego forum, so do keep in mind a “Digimon MOC contest” is only going to be relevant for a very small group of people.

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Well what about another idea I had. I was thinking about a contest for fictional plants. Like the Audrey 2, pvz plants, or just something they come up with themselves. How would that work?

im curious why you’re so obsessed with making contests


That’s definitely broader, you’ll probably get more participants if you stick to something as open as this. I would still recommend spacing out time between contests, however.

Finally someone else who likes digimon

I have no idea.

Like I said, I have a system for that.

Maybe I could reformat this topic for that contest?

Might I direct you to these topics.
Digimon vs Pokemon