Transformer New Horizons: Rebirth of The Tyrant. RP Sign up and discussion

Far into the history of Cybertron, the Great War that once ravaged the galaxy is little more than a distant memory. The world is populated by Maximals and Predicons, while their Autobot and Decepticon ancestors hide away in exile, deep within the reaches of space.

A Decepticon worshiping cult of Predacons have managed to achieve the impossible. Through dark ritual, they have revived the original tyrant Megatron, bringing him from beyond the grave. The Decepticon warlord wastes little time, and quickly overpowers an unprepared Maximal military, claiming the world for himself. He sends out a message into the stars, calling for all his followers to return home, and place Cybertron firmly under Decepticon rule.

17 years pass, and Megatron’s message reaches a distant colony. A small outpost, home to refugees and escaped prisoners of an alien blood sport. Learning of the fate of their home, a young Predacon decides to do what he can to rise up and save his home. Inspiring a small band of rebels, it is up to them to return to Cybertron, and liberate it from Megatron’s tyranny.

Welcome to Rebirth of The Tyrant! An epic tale of war and revolution. A story and game I’ve spent a long time putting together, and now its finally time for it to begin.

This RP is also a sequel to my previous project, Tournament of Terror. But if you weren’t a part of that, don’t worry. I doubt its events will come up very much.

Its also worth mentioning that this story takes place in a continuity/universe of my own creation. All with its own rules and lore. It would be too much to go through everything that might be relevant to your characters, so I’ll simply take things in case by case basis, pointing out any potential discrepancies so that everything works well.


  1. There is a character limit of 3. If you want to introduce any new characters after you’ve hit the limit, you need to get rid of one of the ones you already have.

  2. Be kind. Be respectful. This is a game after all. All in the name of fun and adventure. I don’t want to see any hostilities between players.

  3. No OP characters. Keep things fair and balanced.

  4. Play reasonably. No auto hits, infinite dodging, acting with information your character shouldn’t know, etc.

  5. Death is permanent. If your character dies, they’re dead for good. No revivals.

Character sheet template

Faction: (Maximal, Predacon, Autobot, Decepticon)
(Due to circumstances from the previous game, everyone’s gonna be on the same size scale, so autobot characters won’t tower over maximal ones, and so on)
Alt mode:
Appearance: (Visuals are preferred, but a text description is just as fine)

There will be a small number of some of my own characters who will be joining you on this adventure. They are as follows. (Credit to @decepticonaiden for all the art)


A young Predacon pirate with boundless optimism and determination. He has a habit of jumping head first into danger, if it meant doing what he believed was the right thing. While such a mentality is certainly noble, its nearly gotten him killed more than once.


A level headed Predacon mechanic. Best friends with Maximus. He’s often the voice of reason within their small group. While he’s never been the biggest onb grand adventures, he always enjoys spending times with his friends, even if things tend to get dangerous.


A mighty Predacon warrior, and best friend to Maximus and Bluntforce. He has something of a fowl temper. Easy to get agitated and lash out. But he’s also quick to protect those he cares about.


A kind Maximal historian. She’s good friends with Torchwing and Bluntforce, and close conjux to Maximus. She’s the one who most often keeps Maximus from getting himself killed. She’s fascinated with studying the ancient history of Cybertorn, and all its many mysteries.

Princess Thea

Young princess to an alien race known as the Vex. She’s a bright and curious mind who loves to learn new things outside of her own empire. Even if she has to find most of it without her mother’s knowledge or permission.

Approved Players:


Aw yea here we go!

Tripwire- maximal gadgeteer

Name: Tripwire

Faction: Maximal

Description: standing at around six feet tall in robot mode, Tripwire is possessed of a lean figure consisting of black and burgundy armor over an enoskeleton made from grey and copper-colored components. The circuitry and inner mechanisms of his body can be glimpsed through gaps in his armor, which is adorned with ancient cybertronian glyphs scribbled and scratched onto the plating in many places. He has a pair of big round eyes that glow red.

Alt-mode: unlike most maximals, Tripwire possesses a vehicle mode: a short buggy standing on four treaded legs, similar to what Ironhide and Ratchet transformed into in the Transformers: Animated cartoon.
Deluxe Class Cybertron Mode Ironhide | Transformers Animated | Hasbro

The vehicle has no space for a driver, though it does have space for storing small cargo. Much of the back of the vehicle becomes a backpack in robot mode.

Weapons: Tripwire’s right forearm can transform into a bog-standard plasma cannon- reliable, if lacking in flair - and he can deploy two short blades from over his wrists. Attached to his backpack is an ordnance launcher which can swing over his left shoulder, designed to shoot various projectiles.

Equipment: Tripwire can transform his hands and fingers into various tools; such as arc welders, cutting lasers, drills, wrenches, and claws. While these can be repurposed as weapons in a pinch, these implements were not designed for battle. His left index finger can deploy a data spike from its tip which he can use to interface with compatible machinery. Tripwire also has a battle mask in the form of two plates of metal which slide over his mouth, and a pair of goggles which fall over his eyes. These goggles have a built in scanning tool and holographic displays.

Bio: Tripwire came online with a natural affinity for tinkering, and spends much of his free time obsessively dismantling any stray gadgets he can get his hands on, and using the pieces to cobble together his own gizmos and explosives for his shoulder launcher. Recently, he came into possession of an ancient cybertronian data storage device, and when he tried to access its secrets, the machine uploaded its contents into his neural network. As a result of this, he’s prone to falling into fits, during which he mutters nonsense and scrawls ancient symbols on any surfaces around him, while also attempting to assemble strange devices that, upon regaining consciousness, he knows nothing about.

Even before this development, though, Tripwire has always had a few screws loose in his brain module, though he isn’t truly dangerous to anyone but the bad guys. He’s rather awkward socially, and doesn’t always fully grasp how dangerous some of his creations can be to himself or his allies, even if he only intends to have Decepticons on the receiving end of them.

Backbreaker- autobot gladiator

Name: Backbreaker

Faction: Autobot

Appearance: At around seven feet tall, Backbreaker stands well above most bots of the postwar era. He is very sturdily built, with a broad chest and shoulders and stocky limbs adorned in heavy overlapping plates of white and red armor, marked with coiling black designs all over his body. Faulds made from flexible black plates hang loosely over his thighs, and his head is shaped as though he is wearing a close-fitting white helmet. Rows of tiny spines rise up on either side of his neck, and larger spikes protrude from his shoulders and up from his lower legs. Backbreaker’s most prominent facial features are his pointed chin, dark blue eyes, and the curved tusks that press flat against the sides of his face.

Alt-mode: Backbreaker transforms into a large, wingless, four-legged dragon, with a head crowned with horns atop a long neck and a spiked tail ending in an axe blade.

Weapons: In addition to the weapons above, the legs of Backbreaker’s dragon mode end in sharp claws, and the dragon’s teeth are made to pierce through cybertronian armor. In beast mode, he is also able to breath jets of white-hot flame from his mouth.

In robot mode, Backbreaker’s right forearm is adorned with a fusion cannon, lesser in power than the one famously wielded by Megatron, though still formidable. He also wields a large broadsword tipped with a crescent ending in sharp points, and the edges of the blade beneath this crescent are serrated to aid in shredding armor. A pointed buckler shield can also attach to Backbreaker’s left forearm, made to endure sustained and heavy attacks. Backbreaker himself is no pushover, either, with tough exterior armor and an ability to fight through great pain; though with enough effort he can be brought down just like any other bot.

Equipment: the tusks on the side of Backbreaker’s head can slide over the lower part of his face and form a battle mask.

Bio: Backbreaker is old and past his prime, but he’s not ready for the scrapheap yet. Activated many thousands of years before the Great War, he enjoyed fame as a champion gladiator in the fighting pits of Kaon, until he was defeated by the warrior who would go on to become none other than Megatron himself. Backbreaker developed a personal vendetta against the Decepticon, and joined the Autobots at the start of the Great War partly to get a shot at a rematch against him. He never got the chance to settle the score during the war, but he’ll be content to let go of this grudge if he can in any way bring about Megatron’s downfall once again.

Backbreaker is a jovial sort; he loves a good battle and fights ferociously for his allies as well as for personal glory. When not in battle, he’s prone to regaling those around him with exaggerated stories of his gladiator days. He’s encouraging toward his comrades and adheres to a code of honor both in and out of combat.

Hemorrhage- predacon combat medic

Name: Hemorrhage

Faction: Decepticon (former), Predacon (current).

Appearance: at a little over five-and-a-half feet tall, Hemorrhage is a fair-sized, stocky bot with a blocky chest and large, sloping pauldrons on his shoulders. His lower legs are similarly heavy and boot-like, and a boxy tank is mounted on his back, between his shoulders. Hemorrhage’s primary color is a deep green with a reddish sheen, accented by black on his forearms and midsection. His eyes are red, and crimson predacon sigils adorn his shoulder pads.

Vehicle mode: Hemorrhage is a decepticon who upgraded to a predacon body, though he never bothered to acquire a beast mode. Hemorrhage transforms into a low-to-the-ground offroading vehicle of cybertronian make, with four wheels spreading out from under the body of the car, and two mechanical arms tucked away on the sides.

Weapons: Hemorrhage’s right forearm can transform into a shotgun which fires pellets of molten metal, and his vehicle mode is crowned with a rotating machine gun turret.

Equipment: Hemorrhage’s hands can transform into a variety of tools to help him repair wounded transformers, such as wire-cutters, claws, scalpels, and arc welders. These can be utilized as weapons in a tight spot, but were not designed to be used in such a manner.

Hemorrhage’s left hand can transform into an energon harvester. Using the device, Hemorrhage can latch onto an object (or enemy) with a tether of energy and siphon its energon, moving it up tubes in his arm to be stored in the tank on his back. Hemorrhage can then use the harvester to beam the stored energon into his allies’ bodies, supercharging their self-repair mechanisms to heal their wounds.

Bio: Hemorrhage was a young bot when the Great War began, joining the Decepticons under the delusion of fighting for a better cybertronian civilization. Near the war’s end, though, he came to see the Decepticons for what they were, but dared not defect for fear of being executed for treason- or of not being accepted by the Autobots. When war-era transformers were exiled from cybertronian space, Hemorrhage tried to sneakily remain on Cybertron by adopting a predacon body, but he was found out by a bounty hunter and sold to the vex. He played no notable role in the events of Tournament of Terror, and lives on the colony world established by the escaped prisoners, serving as a doctor while secretly wishing to atone for his past life as a Decepticon.


Nice, let’s roll boys.

Juliana, reluctant Autobot preformer.

name: Juliana (Jewel-E-ana)

faction: Neutral (with autobot leanings)

Appearance: In robot mode, somewhere between Nautica,

and Windblade:


Alt Mode: Bugatti Atlante

Weapons & such: Gattling guns that flip out from the sides of her Alt-mode. She also has a small blade, almost like wakizashi, but with a European style blade. She uses her skills in entertaining, (singing, dancing, and the like) in her blade style. She moves through her dance routines, adding strikes of her blade to them.

Personality: Very charming, and extremely attractive by transformer standards, but extremely shy and reserved. Think Olivia from Fire Emblem: Awakening. She’s become much harder after being taken to the arena however.

History: Pre-Arena, she was a part of a “neutral” performance group captured near the outbreak of the war. Whole not the oldest in terms of the timeline, she was one of the oldest left in the arena itself.

Breakoff, Decepticon Unit

Name: Destron
Gender: Male
Faction: Decepticon
Alt mode: Semi-Truck (Smaller parts turn into jet, Tracked MLRS, Helicopter, Truck)


Weapons/Abilities: Has multiple bodies, his main one, which can transform into a truck, and 4 smaller ones that turn into limbs for a somewhat larger united mode. (Even with everyone in similar size, he comes out about a head taller than your average Cybertronian.) Rocket Launcher’s on his left leg and right arms, guns on his right arm and left leg, and when transformed helicopter has a pair of rocket launchers and chin mounted guns.
Personality: A bit of a jerk, but that’s mostly to hid his insecurities about the fact that hes technically one guy in 5 bodies.
History: Taken to the arena during the aftermath of the Great War, Destron managed to avoid much of the combat by avoiding a lot of scrutiny. He was harder to accommodate than a usual decepticon trooper, but nowhere near the force multiplier a Gestalt was, thus he was kind of swept under the rug. Stationed on a research station and forgotten about. He stayed there until the station was hit by the Vex, that brought him to the arena.

I may add some new characters as well, but I’m getting Juliana put down. If I add more, I’ll edit this post.


All things look good! I only have one little issue. That being Backbreaker’s size. I want to keep all of the player characters at roughly the same scale. Using the Vex shrinking from the last game as an excuse for why the war era and beast era bots are more or less the same size. Having Backbreaker be twice as tall as everybody else doesn’t exactly work too well. But other than that, everything is golden.

All seems good here. Approved.

Timberjack -- Maximal Traveling Merchant

Name: Timberjack

Gender: Male

Faction: Maximal

Alternate Mode: Robotic Orthoptera


Alt Mode: His beast mode appears like the Transmetal 2 type of Maximals/Predacons, being a full mix of mechanical and organic components. Specifically resembling a cricket/grasshopper-esque version of John Deere’s “Walking Tractor/Timberjack Walking Machine,” including the harvester mechanical arm. Primarily a forest green and metallic black with chrome silver highlights.

Robot Mode: While in his robotic form, Timberjack sports the same color scheme as his beast mode (forest green and metallic black). The insectoid/cockpit-esque head is part of the torso, giving him some awkward bulk but otherwise slimmer compared to most Transformers. The mechanical arm from his beast form is positioned in the same place as a tail, with the arm either resting or hovering over his right shoulder. The center legs from his other form, while normally folded into his back, can fold out as to have four arms.

Weapons & Abilities: Timberjack is strong for his size, but not as powerful as brutes and tankier bots. His true power lies in his traversal abilities, able to remain stable, balanced, and travel through difficult terrain with ease. Due to his lighter weight and design, he leaves less impact on the areas and thus fewer tracks to follow for any hunting him. Able to easily climb up trees and poles with the use of his mechanical appendage, as well as other surfaces like cliff faces.

Timberjack’s primary weapon is an old Cybertronian light machine gun. It rapidly fires energy blasts and can form an Energon buzzsaw on its barrel in a similar position to the half-moon cartridge on Chauchat guns. The Energon buzzsaw can quickly cut through smaller foes and obstructions, but should he need something heavier, there is his mechanical arm/tail. The tail has a Cybertronian version of the felling heads found on harvesters, a large claw mechanism that can grab targets and saw apart whatever’s in its grasp.

Should he ever desire, he can have an extra pair of arms fold out from his back. Useful in grabbing more holds while climbing or for surprise attacks in combat. If using them for combat, they contain Energon emitters that create small daggers. While in beast mode, Timberjack can hop a good distance.

Personality: Despite his age, Timberjack still has the jubilance and excitement of a younger bot, especially for exploration. Yet lacks much of the naivety, as his witnessing of revolting things throughout the universe has roughened him up. Doesn’t like staying in one place for too long, rather keep moving and seeing what new things can be found. Besides, the longer he stays somewhere, the more flaws he sees, and the more he starts to dislike it. Though tends to have a soft spot for any in the farther reaches of the universe where supplies are difficult to obtain. Feels sorry for Predacons and the old war machines, but will not hesitate to kill them should they give him a reason. Known to chirp some tunes while doing mundane tasks or under stress.

History: Timberjack, while not among the first new batch of Maximals, was of those early new breeds created on Cybertron. It is uncertain as to which Autobot he descended from, but his tendency to pick insects as his beast mode often gotten him mistaken for a Predacon. Between the occasional mistreatment from his kind and want of exploration, Timberjack left the planet on an exploration charter.

After that venture was complete, he went to work for a transportation company, delivering goods between colonies. During this time is when the Predacon Megatron rose and began his schemes. Timberjack was too far away and did not get involved but was disgusted by what he heard from others. At some point, he left the company and struck out on his own one-man trading service. Exploring and delivering services to the furthest of the Transformer colonies. Sometime during these travels, he gained his current form, though by purposeful modification or accidental mutation is unknown.

Timberjack eventually happened upon Maximus’s new colony during one of his explorations and became one of their frequent merchants. When news of Megatron’s return reaches Maximus’s colony, Timberjack had just arrived to deliver requested goods.

The Railroad Military Mini-Con Team


Name: Railgun

Gender: Male

Faction: Mini-Con (current), Decepticon (formerly)

Alternate Mode: Armored Train-Railway Gun mix


Alt Mode: Railgun’s vehicle mode is a Cybertronian version of armored locomotives from WWII, specifically bearing the strongest resemblance to the armored steam locomotives used by the Soviets. Large, boxy in an almost trapezoid sense, though has a large cannon attached to the front in similar appearance to the gun wagons on WWI British armored trains. This train is dark army green with a light splinter pattern camouflage.

Combiner: While forming the space shuttle orbiter Scuttle, his colors change to a white and moon grey with a Canadian Disruptive Pattern style camouflage. The shuttle has one turreted cannon on its underside and a retractable robotic arm on the top.

Robot Mode: In his robot mode, Railgun keeps his green-camouflage coloring, but secondary colors of black and silver are more noticeable. This form is like other train Transformers, having a bulky build. The artillery cannon detaches from the front of the train and reattaches to his left forearm. His face is worn and scarred from the many blasts he’s survived, and the smokestack forms a tight collar around his neck like some ceremonial military uniforms.

Weapons & Abilities: Railgun’s only weapon is his artillery cannon, a large caliber, long-ranged weapon that fires explosive shells. Its explosive power is strong enough to break through armors of larger bots with a good bombardment. The explosive recoil is even enough to force Railgun to change directions while in train mode and can even use it to rocket jump. The cannon can also be used as a makeshift bat and blunt spear.

While in train form, once Railgun starts moving in a direction it can be difficult for him to turn or stop. At least, without some creative usages of his cannon. He is fast and powerful in his movements as a train and is just as strong and durable while in his robot mode. Thanks to the unique creation of his spark, Railgun can survive an attack that would otherwise obliterate him once per battle. While he takes no damage from this typically deadly blow, the near-death experience may activate old protocols. Once the battle is over, Railgun needs to be repaired of any damage received before this survivor power can activate again.

As a Mini-Con, Railgun has the potential to powerlinx with larger Transformers and grant them greater power. However, he currently lacks the port required for such function. If he is with Tie-Grabber and Machbreaker, the trio can combine to form the being Scuttle - an armored space shuttle. Scuttle is capable of interplanetary space travel and its cannon is powerful enough to perform orbital bombardments.

Personality: A mix between a station master and military commander, with some light drill sergeant, Railgun can come off as cold and commanding. Obsessed with efficiency and schedules, he pushes himself and others to work at maximum effort in the timeliest manner. Being a good resource planner, he doesn’t force them to go beyond limits and accounted for necessary breaks, vacation days, and potential interruptions. Despite keeping himself busy and to a tight schedule for an emotional crutch, he will drop these plans if the circumstances demand it.

Puts up a strong, stone-faced front before others and his brothers to appear brave, fearless, and strong. Especially to bulks and strangers, trying to not let them know what he’s thinking. Though inside he is just as scared and afraid as the rest of them; oft blaming himself for failing to save others even if there was nothing more he could do, or it wasn’t his fault. But to him a leader that appears weak and broken breaks morale and weakens resolve, which cannot be afforded. Deeply cares for his brothers and those under his command, willing to do anything to protect them.

Analytical, Railgun will watch, observe, and collect data before acting and making decisions. While not great at handling his own emotional issues, he can monitor and maintain the emotions of others to a decent degree. A bit of a gentleman, he does try to perform what he thinks are correct manners. As per his military nature, he is respectful of equal and superior positions regardless of his thoughts on the person.

Railgun’s Mini-Con tongue is deep with a definitive crunch to them, much like a locomotive building up its speed. Tends to be on the quiet side and speaks concisely, almost completely silent on the battlefield. If triggered back into his servility program, he constantly shouts and is filled with Rectifier’s madness.

History: Railgun was created back on Cybertron not long before the war started. His creation was ordered by one of the largest planetary rail companies on the planet. He, along with his brothers Coverfire and Sheller, formed the Railroad Military Mini-Con Team and were put under the command of the station’s road foreman. They served primarily as security, but as it was peacetime this ended up being mostly defense maintenance, monitoring cargo, and eliminating vermin. Though occasionally they would help transport smaller components in dangerous areas, keeping cargo and workers safe.

Occasionally they would be tested by one of the other station workers known as Rectifier. As he and the others didn’t know any better, they performed his requests. After the war had started, he and the rest of his team were captured by the turncoat Rectifier and reconfigured. Railgun would serve Rectifier and the Decepticons for many years, losing most of his fellow Mini-Cons in the process. At some point, his team was reconfigured to include Tie-Grabber and Machbreaker rather than Coverfire and Sheller. They were out on a scouting mission when they were captured and taken to the Vex.

Once in Iota’s arena, he tried to lead the others into escaping so they could complete their mission, but Rectifier’s hold over them broke. In an alien world and come to realize what all was done to them, Railgun and the others hid. Creating tunnels and passages in the walls and floors of the coliseum, trying to survive and escape unnoticed. Though their efforts only started bearing fruit when a plucky young Predacon arrived at the prison and tried starting a collective escape.

With Maximus’s aid, the Railroad Team and other Mini-Cons were able to finally leave the Vex world. He would proceed to travel through the galaxy with new Mini-Con friends in search of any remaining brothers from Cybertron. Eventually finding his old team still alive, along with more brothers than he thought remained. Together, with new and old friends, they would form a Mini-Con colony of their own, away from the troubles of bulks. Still keeping in touch with Maximus and the colony, upon hearing the rise of tyranny, Railgun has come back for war. It may be unwise, but if Megatron is left to rule the Mini-Cons will be in grave danger and enslaved again.


Name: Coverfire

Gender: Male

Faction: Mini-Con (current), Decepticon (formerly)

Alternate Mode: Armored Wagon Car


Alt Mode: A Cybertronian version of an armored train wagon car, something akin to WWII German Armored Railcar (Panzerjäger-Triebwagen 51). Heavily armored, a more trapezoid-shaped wagon car with turret guns on each end. This armored railcar is dark army green with a light splinter pattern camouflage.

Robot Mode: In his robot mode, Coverfire keeps his green-camouflage coloring, but secondary colors of black and tan are more prominent. He is the largest member of his team and has massive and broad shoulders. His turrets can rest on the side of his shoulders or his forearms, depending on preferred configuration.

Weapons & Abilities: Coverfire’s weapons are a pair of artillery turrets that fire armor-piercing, explosive shells. Though his range is shorter than Railgun’s or Sheller’s, nor as powerful, his weapons fire at a much faster rate. For a limited time, Coverfire can increase his rate of fire to the same level as rotary cannons. If need be, his turrets can be used as makeshift bats, blunt spears, or massive boxing gloves. Heavily armored, Coverfire can absorb a good chunk of damage.

In vehicle form, Coverfire is self-propelled but much slower in movement than Railgun. Much like his leader, it is difficult for him to turn directions or stop once in motion. With some cannon fire and recoil tricks, he can circumvent this to an extent and much easier than Railgun as his turrets have a freer range of directions to fire in. As a Mini-Con, Railgun has the potential to powerlinx with larger Transformers and grant them greater power. However, he currently lacks the port required for such function.

Personality: A guardian, Coverfire will rush into battle and defend his allies unto his own death. Though a disciplined soldier, Coverfire is still a trigger-happy fellow and will unleash an unnecessary amount of ammo into identified targets. Can be jumpy if approached or touched unexpectedly, but usually won’t fire until the cause is identified. Excitable, good-natured and cheery, despite the hauntings of his failures he keeps an upbeat outward appearance. Loves the action of battle, helps keep his mind focused away from other things.

Coverfire’s Mini-Con tongue shares traits with Railgun’s, being deep and some crunch of the speeding locomotive. Though his has an added rata-tat-tat of machine gun fire and speaks slightly faster and less formal. Taunts his enemies to come out of hiding or cover during battle, but is unable to shout over his own cannons. If triggered back into his servility program, even his cannon fire shouts with Rectifier’s madness.

History: Coverfire was created back on Cybertron not long before the war started. His creation was ordered by a large planetary rail company, along with his brothers Railgun and Sheller. They were assigned the designation Railroad Military Mini-Con Team and placed under the road foreman’s command. On paper they were security, but typically performed defense maintenance, monitoring cargo, and eliminating vermin.

Occasionally they would be tested by one of the other station workers known as Rectifier. As he and the others didn’t know any better, they performed his requests. After the war had started, he and the rest of his team were captured by the turncoat Rectifier and reconfigured. As missions became more dangerous and more of Mini-Cons were being lost, the Military Team was split apart. He ended up getting paired with Railgrinder and Breaker for a mission, but didn’t return. The mission was a failure, Breaker was lost and the two tried their best to survive and make it back. Though Railgrinder died before they could make it out, leaving Coverfire alone when he discovered Rectifier had died.

He and the remaining Railroad Mini-Cons on Cybertron regrouped to make sense of what to do next. With Rectifier’s control gone, they went into hiding and tried to avoid the rest of the war. By the time the war restarted on Earth, the group tried to rescue other Mini-Cons, especially from the Decepticons, and escape to a new home.

Many years later, he and the others would finally reunite with Railgun, Tie-Grabber, and Machbreaker. With a new colony, it seemed that life might finally be at peace, retirement style. But with the return of Megatron and knowing his old leader and brother can’t let this sit still, he has volunteered to go. One more blaze of glory couldn’t hurt.


Name: Sheller

Gender: Male

Faction: Mini-Con (current), Decepticon (formerly)

Alternate Mode: TM-1-180 Railway Gun


Alt Mode: A Cybertronian version of railway gun, similar to the TM-1-180 railway guns but with a much larger cannon. A fairly flat railcar with some armored cover and a large armored, turret cannon in the middle of the platform. This armed railcar is dark army green with a light splinter pattern camouflage.

Robot Mode: Like his vehicle mode, Sheller is much thinner than his brothers, mostly seen in his arms and torso. His large cannon can remain on his back like Armada Megatron or detach it and carry it in both hands. Like the rest of his team, Sheller keeps his green-camouflage coloring, with the color spread remaining roughly the same.

Weapons & Abilities: Sheller is known for one thing, his huge cannon. It is his only weapon, firing large and powerful explosive shells to bombard and destroy battlefields. It has longer range than Railgun’s cannon and far more damaging, but due to its massive size and recoil Sheller needs to be anchored before firing as to not damage himself. While in vehicle form this anchoring is not as required but is while in robot mode. Though if he wishes, he can set up his cannon on the ground as mobile weapon placement. The cannon can also be used as a makeshift club or battering ram.

While in railway gun form, Sheller is able to move on his own power, but is the slowest of his team. As such, he has no issue with breaking and has an easier time turning. Sheller is not as well armored as Railgun or Coverfire and cannot sustain as much punishment. As a Mini-Con, Sheller has the potential to powerlinx with larger Transformers and grant them greater power. However, he currently lacks the port required for such function.

Personality: Sheller is the kind of bot that prefers to let his cannon do the talking. The big kablams tend to be excellent negotiators but will use quieter and softer tones himself if required to speak. Despite his bombarding abilities, Sheller takes little joy in the destruction he causes, finding it to be a waste of creation. He’d much rather things be handled peacefully, but has little hesitation to obliterate targets if that cannot be obtained. Continues to soldier on in solemn solace as he is unable to find rest.

Sheller’s keeps his Mini-Con tongue is soft and light, though the barking booms of his true voice can still be detected. Comes with a lot of clicking and bombing type of beeps. If triggered back into his servility program, his explosive voice can reign over even his cannon, filled with Rectifier’s madness.

History: Sheller was created back on Cybertron not long before the war started. His creation was ordered by a large planetary rail company, along with his brothers Railgun and Coverfire. They were assigned the designation Railroad Military Mini-Con Team and placed under the road foreman’s command. On paper they were security, but typically performed defense maintenance, monitoring cargo, and eliminating vermin.

Occasionally they would be tested by one of the other station workers known as Rectifier. As he and the others didn’t know any better, they performed his requests. After the war had started, he and the rest of his team were captured by the turncoat Rectifier and reconfigured. As missions became more dangerous and more of Mini-Cons were being lost, the Military Team was split apart. He ended up getting paired with Tramjam and Speeding Bullet.

Sheller and the team returned from a successful mission shortly after Rectifier was killed and the first to learn of his death after Tanker. After the initial shock and cloudy headache, they got the other known survivors together. They would search to confirm the remaining living or dead members before going into hiding for most of the war. By the time the war restarted on Earth, the group tried to rescue other Mini-Cons, especially from the Decepticons, and escape to a new home.

Many years later, he and the others would finally reunite with Railgun, Tie-Grabber, and Machbreaker. With a new colony, it seemed that life might finally be at peace, retirement style. But with the return of Megatron, neither he or Railgun could rest. If his old brother wasn’t already going, Sheller would have gone himself. Perhaps the nightmare will finally be over after this one.


Name: “Direwolf”
Gender: Male
Faction: Rena-I mean Predacon
Alt mode: Offroad vehicle, shares a body type with siege hound
Appearance: A mostly dark blue bot, with accents of grey and red, though much of his paint job seems to be sloppily applied. Has a more canine head akin to Silverbolt. Also appears to have strange triangular insignias half heartedly covered with predacon insignia decals.
Weapons/Abilities: “W-5 Holo-Beam Refraction Blaster,” “RT-10 IR Electro-Scope Launcher,” A dedicated skill in reverse engineering technology but possess no skill, or drive to create his own.
Personality: While Direwolf gives off a air of gruff aloofness, this is merely a facade to hide the fact of him feeling like a fish out of water.
“Ah yes, I am a Predacon, From the future, here to fight maximals, on E-arth. That’s what we’re doing here, right guys?”

Direwolf’s presence here is in no way suspicious. He’s always been hanging around, in the background, you remember him right? He was in that arena thing, wasn’t he? No? You don’t remember him? Well, I’m sure he was around somewhere, honest! So what if he sometimes calls maximals ‘Guardians’. So what if you’ve never actually seen him intake Energon, or even go to the med bay. So what if he even gets basic facts about history wrong? Every bot has their quirks! When the chips are on the table, Direwolf is a bot who’s ready to go, one who’s up for any challenge.


Alright then. Would it be better if Backbreaker was, say, seven feet tall? seven-and-a-half? I would like for him to be on the taller side, but I can understand not wanting him to be a giant.


Both of you are good to go. Approved.

Absolutely. While everyone should be on the same scale, that still leaves plenty of variation in height. Torchwing for example is easily comparable to Dinobot, who was a pretty big predacon in his own right.


Hell yeah, Go-Bots are canon!

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Okay. I will edit Backbreaker’s height to be around 7’.

Also, @ajtazt, would it be alright by you and Maximus to say that Backbreaker and Hemorrhage can understand minicon-speak? Backbreaker spent a lot of time around the Railroad Team and Oddball in Tournament of Terror, and maybe spent the time after learning the language to better communicate with them; and Hemorrhage probably would’ve picked up the language during the Great War to help him treat minicon patients.


I take no issue with that, but I suppose it is Maximus’s call.

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Sounds good to me

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I’m half tempted to sign up this time


I certainly wouldn’t be opposed.

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Added a new charecter.

And yes, that is a Power Core Combiner, I had him as a kid.

Man, I haven’t been interested in joining an RP since 2018, but I’ve wanted to do another for ages. Luckily my character writing skills have improved since then.

Name: Razorbite

Gender: Male

Faction: Predacon

Alt mode: A pale-ish green Bush Viper.

Appearance: A fairly lanky but generic looking bot, save for the bits of snake kibble all over him. Notably, the viper’s head becomes a shoulderpad and the tail hangs off his back like a Seeker nosecone. He usually carries a couple of vials with him for replenishment of his ‘venom’.

Weapons/Abilities: Although he possesses no handheld equipment, Razorbite regularly coats his beast mode’s fangs with harmful toxins for “self defence” as he claims.

Personality: A rather timid bot, Razorbite is a complete loser, who, as a result, spends most of his time cooped up alone in his laboratory, pretending he has friends. Razorbite wants to improve the Predacons’ reputation, he just doesn’t have the confidence to do so publicly. He sees himself as a really cool guy that everyone wants to be around, when in reality barely anyone even acknowledges his existence. He is, however, a rather skilled alchemist, inventing countless concoctions in his endless spare time, and constantly perfecting his venom formula until the time comes that he might actually get to use it.

History: Razorbite was created shortly after the Great War ended, and soon found himself subject to the somewhat typical resentment of Predacons. However, instead of simply dealing with the problem, he decided the most reasonable course of action was to routinely exclude himself from society, only really going out to get more Energon or other supplies he needed for his various experiments. As such, this left him with no friends and no social life. But he doesn’t care about that. Being an antisocial loser is cool.


A couple of issues.

  1. The name. Destron is a high and honored rank in the decepticon hiarchy. Bestowed persoally by Megatron himself, they are his greatest warriors sent on suicide missions. There’s never more than one or two alive at a time. It wouldn’t be someone’s name.
  2. I don’t think a gestalt would be good to have, for balancing reasons. If it were just the core robot with his own abilities, that might work. But as is he’ll have to be rewritten.

Definitely an interesting idea for a character, but I don’t think I’d want to have a player character that directly goes against the rest of the party.


Alright, I’ve edited the profile quite significantly. Hopefully this one can be accepted.


Much better


News to me. I just took the name of the canon character this toy is for’s name. It’ll be changed.

He’s not a proper gestalt, he’s one dude with multiple bodies, most of which are tiny, minicon in size. When combined he’s only a couple feet or so taller than the standard cybertronian. I tried to point that out in the bio but maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Essentially he’s too large standard to be easy to accommodate, but much too small and low on the strength to be useful as a gestalt.

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