Transformers Combaticons

Hey guys! These are my Bionicle Combaticons from Transformers. Please note that this is only the first version of the combiner team and updates will come in the future. These are fully functioning Transformers action figure made of CCBS. Without further ado, here they are!
Swindle: Cybertronian jeep mode

Robot mode

Brawl: Cybertronian tank mode

Robot mode

Blastoff: Cybertronian jet mode

Robot mode

Vortex: Cybertronian helicopter mode

Robot mode

Onslaught: Cybertronian artillery truck mode
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/e/3/e35cf32ac12dd1a8b0a2ce6b386b2e5a0abd0614.jpg" width=“666” height=“500”<
Robot mode

Combaticons: Alt modes

Robot modes


This Moc was a lot of fun to make! Bruticus is my favourite combiner, but I’ve never really had a proper toy of him. So I took it upon myself to build one using CCBS. Some basic design choices were copied from character to character, such as Vortex and Blastoff having the same torso and swivelling back kibble function (wings for Vortex and Rotor and tail for Vortex). You will have to excuse some things like exposed ball joints and axels, as they each have three modes (vehicle, robot and limb) and needed these for transformation and combination. The stands I used for Vortex and Blastoff were made using Bruticus’ feet and two extra bone pieces with a friction adder on the end, and they attached where the shoulder attaches in limb mode. Blastoff’s gun and Brawl’s gun combine and make a large rifle for Bruticus, where as Swindle’s arm canon detaches completely and Vortex’s sword is just his tail in helicopter mode.
I’m am always looking to improve, so any constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Finally, if you have any questions, ask me them! I hope you like my Moc!


Pretty good, I like them.

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These are really neat little things.
I like them

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Thanks, both of you!


Some of the first few kinda look a bit cobbled but the last 2 are very cool. Vortex is my favorite.


The Bruticus combiner seems a bit odd. Seems incredibly wide. However that’s understandable, given the build system. Overall this is pretty cool :smiley:

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Bruitcus is pretty cool, but I don’t like how small his head looks.

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These are really cool, but the head of Bruticus looks really small and the vehicles of the individual figures look a bit like afterthoughts. However, three distinct modes is impressive regardless.

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The robot modes look cool and the combined mode looks really well done, but the the individual vehicle modes are probably done the best and are my favorite thing about these.

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@SwagMeister I’m glad you liked the last two! My personal favourite is Swindle, as I’m very proud of his arm canon.
@BearerOfBricks In the future, if I rebuilt him, I would probably make him less wide. Onslaught has nowhere to attach the arms so I built arm connectors out of a female-to-female bone and a friction adder on each end for stability. In the future I would probably take the drscorpionx route and build the arm connectors onto the figure. (Sorry this was so long)
@Ninjanicktf I was actually going to change the head, as Bruticus’s head is completely different to Onslaught’s head, which is what I used, but it didn’t work. Also, thank you!
@Joe As for the head, I explained that to Ninjanicktf. Just look at what I said to them. As for the vehicles, you’re right. The vehicles were the last thing I worked on. In the end I think I succeeded, but I could do a lot better. The biggest problem is that both Swindle and Onslaught look like tanks. There was a reason I said the vehicles were Cybertronian, and it was because they looked like nothing from earth, other than Vortex. In the future, I would probably make them more like their G1 counterparts. Also, I really like your profile picture
@Oniwah Thank you! I really tried my best to make each mode look as good as possible, and some waked out better than others.


Onslaught: best transmorpher north korea 2005.


where shall i start?

First off, no real head syndrome.

Second, Onslaught shoulod be bigger than all the other Combaticons, because torso

Third, the toso mode looks really off. like, look at the hips and chest.

The “heads” I used were used for two reasons. 1: to pay homage to the characters, and 2: standard heads and masks wouldn’t work. Search up the combaticons and you’ll see they have square heads. The black was a good substitute for the colours I didn’t have in that size armor shell. However, I do agree with you on everything else

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I don’t like the heads, Vortex’s build seems rather spindly, and Bruticus looks like he let himself go, but overall I really like them.

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I actually thought that a spindly look worked for vortex. That, and transformation reasons, is why he has the chicken legs.

I suspected that was so.

I honestly don’t know why I thought that way. I just think it suits helicopter transformers.

pretty cool

I think this Bruticus is experiencing DrScorpionX combiner head disease


He’s experiencing DrScorpionX everything.