Transformers: Dawn of a New Age

“Sadly my alternate mode is an Armoured Recovery Vehicle, I’m built for Torque not Speed. Additionally my emergency teleport is only accessible from my lab. However, I can try if you like. Just do not expect a comfortable ride.”


“I find it intriguing.” Kitai murmured. “That you should care so much, both of you. You act as if this will change anything. Why show your concern? In the end, we will be meeting our makers soon. Sooner than you’d like to realize.” He was standing near a window, the panes facing the ocean. His eyes narrowed in impatience.
“Explain to me Firestorm, why still do you believe that this is a cause you can succeed in? Is it an actual reason, or just the dogma embedded into your skull?
We aren’t heroes. They aren’t heroes. We will go to war, and the quintessions will see to the burning of our dead, broken bodies, as they crush the thousands of suns beneath their feet. There will be only ash, to ashes.” He paused for a minute, his lights flickering as his attention shifted.
“But I suspect that I may not live to see that day.”


“I guess it’s partially because of our nature: Cybertronians always have had a history of conflict; we don’t want to go down without a fight.” Firestorm says, “there is a saying that many civilizations use that goes along the lines of ‘you miss every shot you do not take’.” He says, “the way we see things, it means you have to try and give it your best effort to do what you feel is right.”

“And, if I am gonna go down and die, I’m gonna make sure I take as many Quintessons with me as I can, just to show I am not gonna let them have the last laugh.” Dark says, “it may not be much of a disruption in the long run, or it may tip the scales in our favor but we gotta try and I won’t let some five-faced, tentacled, floating egg decide my fate.”

“We may not make it out of this alive but what matters is we give it our all.” Firestorm says.

“Besides, my ‘makers’ are already dead; Ramjet and Unicron are nothing but memories now.” Dark adds, “if and when I die, I’ll be joining the Allspark.”

“As for showing concern, we can tell this weighing on your mind, what you know of them and what we have seen recently in this last encounter.” They say in unison, “you’re our friend and, well, we guess spending pretty much all of recorded history just falling through some void outside time and space has caused us to be a bit attached to those we care about, to our friends.”


“I would think wheels would be faster than walking, even if you aren’t built for speed. We’re on a time crunch here, so I don’t think a rough ride will be much of a problem.” Nova replied.


“Very well.” He answers, relenting. With a slight groan, both vocal and physical, he transforms, Shifting into a rhomboidal shape, then opening his Side Hatch “Get in.”


Liege Maximo’s starship, a small arrowhead-shaped vessel named Present Memory, returns from whatever errand that the Prime of Lies had left for, managing to just barely squeeze itself into Excalibur II’s hangar alongside the Prime Flyer and the Pack Mule. Its opaque silver cockpit slides back, allowing Liege to disembark with a large silver disk held in his left hand.

“Greetings, everyone,” he says to the personnel in the hangar, including those of our heroes among them. With a wry smile, he says in jest, “Thank you for not leaving without me. Considering what we’re up against, I thought I’d ask the ladies at the Astral Caminus if we could borrow something of theirs.”

Some of our heroes might recognize the disk he held as the compact storage mode of the Apex Armor, a powerful battlesuit created by Solus Prime during the Thirteen’s war against Unicron.

“They were kind enough to oblige me, as you can see,” Liege continues, holding up the disk. “Think of it as my thanks to you for saving my skidplate.”

Ferrex had been left by the UHP embassy, with the staff there looking over the mech to ensure that no-one attempted to meddle with it. It drew some interested glances from passers-by, with the citizens of Meridiem pondering its obvious alien origins and its damaged state.


“would you two mine hitching your mech up to my crane before they bring us in? It’ll be a sight easier to bring it to where it can be repaired.”


Niko and Nova climbed out of Hauler’s vehicle mode.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to tow this thing? It has legs. I don’t think that would tow well.” Nova commented.

“Good news! We found Ferrex, and so we’re finally good to go.” Niko said to Salvage over his phone. “If you could open a ground bridge for us near the human embassy hospital, we’ll be right in.”

“Liege! It’s good to see you again.” Maximus said with a warm and enthusiastic smile.

“And thank you for acquiring the Apex Armor for us. It will no doubt be invaluable in facing the dangers ahead.” Axis said pleasantly.

Honeycomb meanwhile wasn’t sure what to make of the old Prime. He was strange. Unlike anyone or anything she had ever seen before. She was curious, but also nervous. She took a half step back, almost hiding behind Maximus, though she made sure to keep her focus on the Prime of lies.


“What, you want to lug it to the repair bay with your hands?” he asks jokingly. “I’m an ARV, my alt-mode’s whole thing is to haul things that won’t roll anymore”