Transformers: Dawn of a New Age

“Sorry!” Cargo shouts. “Are you able to see enough to point me in a direction? I’m still recovering from that!”


Nova climbed up on to Cargo’s shoulder and took a look around.
“All the bad guys seem to be down and out from that stunt of yours! We should be good to move forward!”
She said, still having to raise her voice a bit just to hear herself.

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“Excellent! Thanks!” Cargo says as he begins moving forwards, towards the hostages.

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They nodded, their optic focusing in the direction of the hostiles. “On it.”

XM-333 charged towards the direction of the hostiles.

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Most of the hostages are still stunned from the flash grenade, but a few particularly brave ones are taking this opportunity to make a run for it.

Unfortunately for Conjoint, his patented punch puts him in the path of Loader’s chainsaw, placing the junkion in jeopardy. Unless he could dodge the swing at the last second, he’s likely to suffer great damage to his arm.

The remaining three drones are still lying motionless on the ground, but indicator lights on their surfaces flicker from green to blue as their systems reset. However, the green-armored terrorist, recovering now from the effects of the flash grenade, lunges at Aralysa and tries to jump atop the turret of her tank form.

The copter-bot opens his mouth to speak, but at that moment, behind Axis, the terrorist leader regains his balance. Eager to test his mettle against the Prime of Cybertron, he transforms his right arm into a plasma cannon and shoots at Axis’s back.

If Tokamak is targeting terrorists currently not engaged in close combat, he likely settles on Turnpike- the small red bot with the laser rifle. When the blaster bolts strike his feet, they lift the terrorist off his feet; he falls onto the ground, face-first.

Roaster shoots the predacon in the right flank, causing more of the armor in that location to melt away and exposing some of the enemy’s internal mechanisms. Pushing through the searing pain, he retracts his artillery cannon and pounces at Ferrex just as the mikesu mech pounces at him. The two mechanical beasts meet in a storm of flailing claws and gnashing teeth.

With the hostiles no longer shooting out at the surrounding environment- either stunned or locked in battle with other fighters- many police advance behind XM-333. Ironclad also draws his sword and joins in the charge.

Suddenly, the sky above XM-333 ripples and bends, and a bellatoran gunship materializes overhead. Bristling with weaponry, the craft pivots to place XM-333 in its sights.


[Credit to concept artist Josh Nizzi]

A pair of rail cannons mounted on either side of the cockpit flash with electricity as they each fire a slug down into the street, while Ironclad raises his shield to protect XM-333 from a hail of gunfire coming from a machine gun protruding from the right side of the gunship.


Firestorm practically shoves the hostages towards safety as stun grenades’ effects don’t last too long.

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XM-333 whipped his left arm up towards the gunship, the 30mm minigun revving up.

A very audible “Whrrrrrrr” could be heard as the barrel began spinning.
After a second, a loud and abrupt “BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT” ripped through the air, as the minigun let loose a burst of rounds towards the gunship.


Axis shouts in pain as the blast strikes her back. She lurches forward. Her face burning with a look of rage.

She makes a quick slash at the copter bot’s leg, aiming to immobilize him.
“You stay right there. Try run and so help me Primus I will hunt you down!”
She barked.

Axis then turned to face her attacker. Looking him dead in the optics. She took a deep breath in, held it, then let it out. Her face returning to a near perfect calm.

In an instant her body was set ablaze in a mighty flame. She took two running steps forward before fire erupted from her feet, sending her rocketing towards the terrorist leader. Holding the Star Calibur to her side, she slashed at the leader’s body as soon as she was in range.

Ferrex claws and slashes wildly at the predacon’s body, trying to do whatever damage it can. Meanwhile Niko tries to bite his mech’s jaws around the beast’s neck.

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Wait! She moved-

Unfortunately, it was too late for Conjoint to make any drastic changes. Were he to move the one arm and not take the hit, the saw might hit Snowblind.

Shutting his eyes, he swung the arm of impact directly towards the saw to kill as much of the momentum as he could - hoping the action would leave his remaining Spinning-Wheel-Hand Super Dive Punch In Singular Form uninterrupted on its path to the terrorist’s ugly mug.

This is going to hurt…


Noticing the fallen drones, Aralysa was about to reduce them to scrap metal with another explosive shell when

one of the terrorists decides to jump at her.
These guys are really getting annoying, she thought to herself. Aralysa then immediately jumps out of the green one’s way, peppering him with laser bolts as she did so.

Closer to the epicenter of the blast, Stonefist decides that it is more or less time to get back into battle, having largely recovered from the grenade. He assesses his systems, and, ignoring the small hole in his shell, transforms back into robot mode. The rocky bot quickly scanned the area in search of hostiles, and Stonefist’s optics fall upon Aralysa, who was busy desperately trying to evade the green terrorist that he had punched.
Time for a rematch. he thought as he transformed into boulder mode and started another mad rumble towards the attacker.

Paneling on the leader’s left arm slides back, allowing a wide blade to emerge from underneath. He brings up his arm to catch Axis’s sword mid-swing, and the two blades meet with a harsh metallic clang.

“They aren’t paying me to fight the Prime,” the leader says, “but hey, who says you can’t have fun on the job?”

The leader swings his plasma cannon underneath the locked blades, and fires another shot at Axis’s torso.

Loader’s saw hits one of Conjoint’s arms, likely mangling the limb something fierce, but the junkion’s other fist catches the terrorist on the jaw. His head snaps to the side, and the big bot staggers back.

Aralysa’s laser-barrage punches tiny smoking holes in the terrorist’s green armor, and Stonefist catches him completely by surprise. The floating rock bowls over the attacker, laying him out like a sheet on the ground.

Ironclad deactivates his shield to give XM-333 a clear line of fire, and the bullets fired from their minigun ricochet off the gunship’s cockpit. Unfortunately, they do not pierce the translucent material forming its canopy. Through the canopy, one could see a small cybertronian in the pilot seat flinch and jerk at their controls- in response, the gunship pulls back, and a munitions pod opens beneath one of its wings. A warhead screams out from it and explodes as it strikes the ground in front of XM-333.

Ferrex’s claws tear jagged lines into the predacon’s armor, but the beast pushes against the side of the mech’s head with a foreleg, preventing it from biting his neck. The predacon snarls and tries to pin Ferrex to the ground.

Firestorm gets three of the hostages to safety, and they are then taken by the police to be looked after.


As the leader swings his cannon, Axis fires another another blast of flames beneath her feet. Flipping her back and into the air, just high enough that the plasma blast flies off just beneath her.

She gracefully lands a medium distance away. Quickly she tries to use the Matrix’ insight on her opponent. Searching for any possible weak points or more concealed weapons.

Ferrex is successfully pinned on its side. But just as the predacon thinks he has the upper hand, Niko whips the mech’s tail around and tries to stab it’s bladed end into the predacon’s eye.

OOC: I’m pretty sure I included the tail blade in Ferrex’s sign up entry, right?

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With Turnpike eating the floor, Tokamak fires two more shots. This time hoping to hit his arms or even weapon before he gets up.

However, since Tokamak is near XM-333, the close explosion throws him forward. He lands chest first and skids across before coming to a stop. Briefly raises an arm to get up before collapsing, definitely dazed, possibly worse depending on the explosive yield. Motormouth is revving up inside, trying to strength his partner and get him up.

Roaster tries to keep an aim on the dragon, but with so much movement only takes a few shots at the predacon’s rear end. Though she is soon distracted by the amount of gunfire in the streets by the gunship. If any come near her, Roaster tries to run for safety.

“Oh come on! Where did you get one of those?” She complains.

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The explosion forced XM-333 back, and they raise an arm to cover their head from the blast.
Raising their right arm this time, they fire the much larger 105mm gun, a singular shell flying out of the barrel towards the gunship.

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“Finally.” Stonefist rumbles as he flattens the terrorist, Aralysa watching in complete surprise as the rocky transformer bowls over her green-armored attacker!
“Stonefist!” she splutters out as the gray-armored bot transforms back into robot mode, standing on his opponent to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
Stonefist beams.
“Well that takes care of one.” he says triumphantly. Recovering from the shock of seeing her enemy crushed by her friend, Aralysa transforms back into robot mode as well, and studies the fallen terrorist, her face twisting into a sneer.
“Who are you and who are you working for?” Aralysa demands to the green-armored Cybertronian.

Oh no-


Fighting back the urge to start whimpering from the sharp pain, Conjoint doesn’t allow himself the chance to slow up. The moment his feet touch the ground he throws himself forward again, using the momentum from the lunge to initiate a Spinning-Wheel-Hand Super Presto Uppercut towards the bot’s reeling head.

I’ve got the strength to beat him down, I just- OW OW OW OW OW OW OW.

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Kitai enters the room where the blast was from, seeing axis and the others fighting.

Kitai launches himself at the leader.

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“Thank you, my kind fellow!” Good business owner, Barrage could tell. A positive environment and a decent helping of things on the house was a good method of keeping people coming back to your establishment.

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Snowblind winces, and dives back into the fray. A crescent blade falls into her hand as she skates by Loader, and she turns to strike. She scans over the other bot’s structure, lashing out and trying to tear her blade through some sort of connection or support, anything that would impair the enemy’s arm when cut.


Through the Matrix, Axis sees the terrorist leader’s vehicle mode: a hovering assault vehicle crowned with a rocket cannon. She also feels a harsh cold wind blowing through her, and the sensation of snowfall pelting against her armor as if she is in a blizzard.

It is at this moment that the leader’s three remaining drones come back online. Their weapons swivel to target Axis, and from either side of the Prime, they open fire.

Focused as he is on Axis Prime, Kitai is able to get the drop on the terrorist leader, hitting him from the side.

Snowblind’s HUD identifies exposed connection points in Loader’s arms that could be struck to sever them at the elbows. His feet and lower legs had also sustained minor damage from Tokamak’s blaster.

Loader catches Conjoint’s fist before it can strike his face. When Snowblind lashes out with her blade, one of the armored panel’s on the terrorist’s upper arm swings out and intercepts it. The other panels on his back and deltoids rise as well, supported by insectoid secondary arms beneath them.

“I don’t know what you two think you’re trying to do, but you picked the wrong bot to try it with!” Loader boasts. His shields swing outward toward both Snowblind and Conjoint, in an attempt to swat both of his opponents away from him.

The green-armored terrorist is currently too dazed to answer Aralysa’s questions. He groans, and weakly slaps his hand against Stonefist’s leg.

OOC: yeah, you included it, so you’re good.

IC: The predacon howls as Ferrex’s tail-blade impales itself in his right eye, and more of Roaster’s shots strike his hind legs. He jumps off of Niko’s mech and transforms into his robot mode. Perhaps surprisingly, the predacon then runs away from Ferrex and toward the other terrorists.

Tokamak’s next shots strike Turnpike’s arms, causing him to release his hold on his laser rifle. He begins to crawl on all fours, scrambling to escape his attacker.

The explosion from the gunship’s missile would certainly daze Tokamak and inflict some minor injuries, given his proximity to XM-333.

The shell strikes one of the gunship’s rail cannons and disables it, and the craft wobbles in the air briefly until its pilot stabilizes it again. With a parting shot from its remaining railgun, it drifts backward toward to hover over the main entrance to the Hall of Records.

Most of the other patrons were not drinking, instead looking at footage from the battle at the Hall of Records, which had begun to play on the tavern’s many screens and hologram projectors. It seems to be a pitched battle, with many recognizable heroes fighting the bots who seem to be the ones responsible for the attack.

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