Transformers Live-Action Movies

Jetfire.... what did bay do to you.

I agree with this man.

I have to admit, Grimlock was my favorite Transformer of all time. He only got like five minutes of screen time. but what he did in those five minutes mind me, good inside. I also like how bay designed him.

You know if Bay could just direct a movie just about the Dinobots that be great. Because they would be perfect for his types of movies.

In concept, the transformers designs aren't really good. Most of the time, they seem okay, but then for the most part, they look like jumbled bits and bobs of shrapnel, there's no consistency.

Also Megan Fox is dumb.

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Bayformers Devastator is best Devastator


I liked him, a lot I loved how he like absorved eveything. I regret ever asking my dad what was the joke of the wrecking balls...

Vietnam flashbacks..


It killed animated, which is my favorite series,

the movies are a mess on many levels, including their awful overdesigned characters, crappy writing and immature jokes, and the focus not being on the cybertronians in a transformers movie.

I despise bayformers.


I thought the Bayformers movies were terrible from a story standpoint, but I watch them over and over whenever I need inspiration for my realistic Bionicles or for my fanfictions...

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I freaking hate the bay-former transformer design. To be honest, this has been a problem for me since day one. It is way too complicated to draw and I feel it's too realistic. The design of the bay-formers screams to me that the people who thought this was a good idea only glanced at the original series for a nano-second.

In my opinion, the only ones to get a realistic transformer design right were the people who worked on Transformers Prime. The prime transformers (for me) were a perfect mix of simplistic and complex.

WHAT?!? Wow...


yeah, but

I hear his deal as a director may only be up until next year(?) so I guess this could be his last film or TF film

still, wish it wasn't all bay


The movies aren't great but the only thing I like about them is the designs and action. It's already confirmed by Michael Bay himself that the next Transformers movie will be the last time he's directing Transformers.


Why couldn't Age of extinction be his last film. I mean I enjoy watching the movies but I want someone directing them that actually seems cares.

Yes please.

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I'm a fan of the designs.

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Yeah! Man, The Transformers: The Movie was pretty great. I think that...

Wait, this one was a cartoon. Why does the title say "live-action"? There are no live-action Transformers movies!


What wonderful world that must have been.


OK then.

These movies were too long and unmemorable. I watched Avatar once long ago, and still remember what happened. With these movies, I forgot what was going on before I left the theater/ took the CD out. I regretted taking the time to watch them.




This is almost as awkward as the "if you leave I'll kiss you" on the goodbye to hafynx topic haha


I liked the first,third & fourth one,but I don't liked about ROTF at all, I didn't a Sam "I GOING BE THE HUMAN HOT ROD" Witwicky, or the Human Villains at all. Lockdown is threatening as a villain,Sentinel just want his home planet rebuild with human slaves (which he didn't that we've can't breathe in space.), Megatronus the Fallen want revenge, & Megatron/Galvatron went for a really cool villain to a lame duck villain. Too Bad TF5 and TF6: The Bumblebee Story are going to be owned by Wonder Woman and Godzilla + Friends.

it's funny that the fourth one is what broke my back

I actually liked these movies before I saw that one, saw it, went home, and thought to myself "huh, that one ran kinda long" and I started to think about it more and more, certain things weren't adding up, the effects were not as good as the others, the humans I actually disliked more than the ones in the other 3

it was then I looked over the other 3 and saw the flaws and everything just kinda crumbled down for me and now I see how awful they are

but hey, it did inspire my friends and I to come up with versions of our own TF movies like @Cordak_the_Last_Makuta so that's cool


That's what he said during Age of Extinction's production.

And Dark of the Moon's.

I'm not buying a word of it until I see the Transformers 6 movie poster without his name.


well I loved transformers 4, atleasts the autobots,
Optimus Prime - Knight
Drift - Samurai
Hound - Soldier
Crosshair - a hitman I guess?
Bumblebee - I don't know what he is BUT I HATE HIM!

and well the dinobots.... how can't you like a fire breathing transforming T-rex?

oh also,
good news- transformers 6 will NOT be directed by Michael Bay
uh you already talked about that, okey then


I find the designs of the Transformers to be really cool.
The only films I liked were the first 2. The others only had cool looking transformers...

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