Transformers Live-Action Movies

Let’s talk about the action packed Transformers live action movies!


I hate them.

Alright! Great discussion everybody!

-End of line

######The first one was alright. That’s the only positive thing I can say.


I like these films.
Please don’t let this turn into a Crapstorm of Negativity.


I like the design of the transformers, but I hate the human scenes, I hated Megan Fox, and I hated the new girl.


The first one was decent, the others are total crap.


you know, the first one was alright, I still like it to a degree

everything else though, yeah no, too rank them it’d be 1,3,2,4

There are some designs that I like, but for the most part their designs are bleh


Well, they frustrated me enough to get me to try writing my own version, so there’s that.

Should’ve picked a topic that was actually good then.



I’ll say this much though.

Sentinel Prime was cool.


RIP iron hide


To be honest, I actually like them. I understand why others don’t (They hate Optimus’ portrayal, Megan fox is a terrible actress, they’re too long, ect)But to be honest, they’re not terrible in my opinion. Except for Revenge of the Fallen.

Also, the first one was what introduced Seven year old me into Transformers, so I really can’t hate them.


Admittedly, the same can be said for my nine-year-old self.

But at the same time, it was all the shows that the Hasbro website was streaming at the time that kept me around.


It’s like your me…


I’ve seen the first one but barely watched it indepth.

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As movies, all of them are pretty bad. The first one is my favorite but the rest… eh.

The only positive things I can say about the franchise is that it keeps Transformers relevant in pop-culture, introduced impressive redesigns and, and put the franchise in a new direction.


I know they’re not the best movies ever, but I love them, and nothing anyone can say will change my mind about that. I really like them all equally, there isn’t a single one I did not enjoy watching.


It’s mostly the people that annoy me, other than that I do like the fight scenes and characters that are actually transformers.

I will admit, I loved Grimlock in the last one. My first transformer toy was him.


Hate the storys, characters pretty much everything except the CG, the concept aesthetics and the scene with shockwave.

And the one who turns into a Blackbird (SR-71) - cant remember his name, in the second one though… I think
He was pretty funny

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Yeah, his design is really cool, with the shoulders, and the mace n’ such. I love the whole Knight theme they have.

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Ok so guys

How about the new one coming next year or something? I hear it’s still under Bay or something, may be wrong

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Michael Bay will be directing the next one, yeah.

I heard he’s going back to finish off Detroit.

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I really liked his dinosaur form too, I mean you’d say it looked generic but the little horns made him so enjoyable. I liked the little blue outlines you could see on them too. At least I think they had a few…

The only thing bothering me is that I was so hyped for them but they appeared so little… Still the most enjoyable part of the whole movie.